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Scarpe Antinforistiche Basse POINT S1P SRC U-Power

79,04 € VAT included
64,79 € Without VAT


Wet & Dry 1400W CV 30 X Comet Powder and Liquid Aspirator

117,77 € VAT included
96,53 € Without VAT


Insecticide Concentrate for Green Areas Deadyna Lt.1 Green World

17,71 € VAT included
14,52 € Without VAT


Socks 1 Pair Medium DryNat Sneaker 40% Organic Cotton Fassi at Work

6,45 € VAT included
5,29 € Without VAT


Electric grass trimmer COLLECTOR 35 E Stiga

93,54 € VAT included
76,67 € Without VAT

Ideal for cutting grass in gardens up to 300 m2 and with the additional function of rear discharge, STIGA Collector 35 is a p...

MR 55 TBI Efco mower

954,44 € VAT included
782,33 € Without VAT

Body: aluminum Displacement: 190 cm³ Brand / model engine: B&S series 850 Cutting width: 53 cm Advancement: 3 gears (1a: 2,2 ...

Rasaerba LR 48 TK Comfort Plus Efco

310,82 € VAT included
254,77 € Without VAT

Body: steel Displacement: 140 cm³ Model / make engine: EMAK K 600 OHV Cutting width: 46 cm Advancement: traction (3.6 Km / h)...

Petrol mower COLLECTOR 43 Stiga

212,23 € VAT included
173,96 € Without VAT

Push lawnmower with 100cc Stiga motor. Collector 43 is a versatile machine because you can choose the cutting system suitable...

Barbecues and Accessories

Stainless steel grill with Sgocciolatorio cm.48x44

41,16 € VAT included
33,74 € Without VAT

Stainless steel grate with dripping and support feet. Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 48x44 cm

Barbecue a Gas Ecolava Plus 4938/CR Ompagrill

136,70 € VAT included
112,05 € Without VAT

Barbecue with piezoelectric ignition, equipped with a scratch-resistant enamelled steel grill, heated by lava rock interposed...

September pliers, shovel and fork stainless steel Ompagrill 3360

10,19 € VAT included
8,35 € Without VAT

3-piece set consisting of forceps, spatula and meat fork made of stainless steel. Perfect for the barbecue. Size: 36 cm Cod, ...

Butane Gas cartridge CP 250 Riviera for Stove Campingaz

2,22 € VAT included
1,82 € Without VAT

Format: 250 gr cartridge butane gas standard format, for use with gas burners of all brands. Ideal for gas stoves Campingaz B...



P30 Riflebox Fuciliera 3 Places Potent

109,43 € VAT included
89,70 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P30 Cabinet is made of sturdy steel, NOT equipped with a small treasure, it can safely hold 3 rifles and...

P70T Fuciliera Cabinet 7-Seat Rifle Gun Potent

164,94 € VAT included
135,20 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P70T Wardrobe is made of sturdy steel, has an internal treasure and can safely hold up to 7 rifles and r...

Closet Portafucili TCL / 10 Fuciliera 10 Places Technomax

240,83 € VAT included
197,40 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 10 rifles Model TCL / 10 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finis...

Wardrobe Portafucili TCH / 5 Fuciliera 5 Places Technomax

174,96 € VAT included
143,41 € Without VAT

Capacity: 5 rifles Model TCH / 5 Technomax is the armored steel cabinet with internal treasure, ideal for storing safely up t...


Tuta Protettiva Tyvek Dupont Classic Xpert CHF5 CAT.III TIPO 5-6

Available sizes M to XXXL in special overalls professional Dupont Tyvek ® for protection against liquids, dust, chemicals and particles; with a hood. Discover more details inside!

5,64 €

VAT included

4,62 €

Without VAT


Liquid fertilizer for flowering plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

4,91 €   4,96 € VAT included
4,72 €   4,77 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Liquid mineral fertilizer for all flowering plants in pots or on the ground. The balanced relationship betwee...

Fertilizer Liquid fertilizer for Green Plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

3,88 € VAT included
3,73 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Liquid mineral fertilizer ideal for the nutrition of all green plants in pots, apartment and balcony: ficus, ...

Fungicida Polti 20 Conf. 1 Kg Al.Fe

5,56 € VAT included
5,35 € Without VAT

Foliar fertilizer based on boron and copper sulfate. It allows to treat the physiopathies linked to the deficiency of the two...

Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer for Succulent Plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

4,90 € VAT included
4,71 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Fertilizer fertilizer specially designed for all plants of this family. Thanks to the perfectly balanced form...