Welding Magnetic Positioner 802583 Telwin


Ideal for holding the materials to be welded during welding operations Allows the materials to be angled for perfect welding by setting 45, 90 and 135 angles The powerful magnet makes it possible to move slabs and profiles up to 22kg and lift up to 8kg

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Features Welding

Vendor code 816206
Model Technology 216HD
Kind Saldatrice inverter ad elettrodo MMA e TIG in corrente continua (DC)
Power frequency 50-60 Hz 230V 1ph
Field current control 5-180 A
Current Maximum 40 ° C 180 A 30 % DC
Load Voltage max 83 DC
Maximum current 23-35 A
Max Power Consumption 3,5-5,5 kW
Power min. generator 8 kW
Mains fuse /
Yield 87%
Power factor cosphi 0,7
Diameter electrodes 1,6-4 mm
Degree of Protection IP23
Dimensions 36x40x18,5 cm
Weight 8,4 Kg
Included Accessories Accessori per saldatura MMA + Valigetta alluminio

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