Accessories for Cars and Motorcycles



Set Kit Fuse Bilama Siluro 600pz 8A 10A 16A 25A 40A Fuses Art. 00263 Ama


Set Kit Fuse Bilama Siluro 600pz 8A 10A 16A 25A 40A Fuses Art. 00263 Ama

48,53 € VAT included
39,78 € Without VAT

Assortment 140 Fuses for Cars 0318 Fervi


Assortment of: 2A 10pc, 3A 10pc, 4A 10pc, 5A 10pc, 7.5A 20pc, 10A 10pc, 15A 20pc, 20A 20pc, 25A 20pc, 30A 10pc

11,10 € VAT included
9,10 € Without VAT

Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit for Car Camper Motorcycle Boats Maurer Plus


Kit consisting of: 750 ml of polyester resin with a 0.5 m² glass wool catalyst

16,74 € VAT included
13,72 € Without VAT

Cable Starting with Pliers 400A cm.350 35 mm² Art.00376


Art. 00376 Type: 400 A Length: 3500 mm Section: 35 mm²

61,93 € VAT included
50,76 € Without VAT

Car Seat Cover Art.5750 Bahco


Car seat covers. Protects the seat during maintenance. Material: durable and easily washable nylon. Length: 1400 mm

9,56 € VAT included
7,84 € Without VAT

Tester Luminoso 6-24V mm.125 7885501504 Ks Tools


Operating voltage: 6 - 24 V Weight: 30 g Length: 125.0 mm Material: Brass Weight: 42 g

6,28 € VAT included
5,15 € Without VAT

Replacement Valve for Rabbits of Rabbocco 50791970165

Inner thread (mm): 42 Drain valve for distilled water and battery for acid The valve is at the end of the spout and is actuated by supporting it on the battery hole. Nozzle: Ø 11.5 mm

13,52 € VAT included
11,08 € Without VAT

Antifreeze Meter 5005100 Granite


Antifreeze indicator -41 ° C for ethanediol (ethylene glycol) water mixtures. Glass cylinder - glass isometer - correction table thermometer. Determination of antifreeze protection at all refrigeration water temperatures according to the built-in correction table. Code: 5005100 Version: Full tool length: 360 mm Suction volume: 40 ml

13,41 € VAT included
10,99 € Without VAT

Lighter 12V mm.28 58568


12V lighter for cars and agricultural machinery Dima: 28 mm

14,01 € VAT included
11,48 € Without VAT

Dismantling lever mm.600 38-24 Bahco tires


Tire disassembly lever. Length: 600 mm Finish: Nickel and chromed. Very robust but light and comfortable construction. Material: vanadium steel, glossy finish.

27,78 € VAT included
22,77 € Without VAT