Acrylic Quick Set Adhesive Glue White 310ml 310 Akfix


Acrylic Quick Set Adhesive Glue White 310ml 310 Akfix

Format: 310ml Water-based adhesive used for bonding numerous construction materials Suitable for DIY use as it is solvent-free and has a strong adhesive capacity. It has a good filling capacity even on rough surfaces, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it is resistant to atmospheric agents and can be over-painted.

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  • Sticking materials such as wood, unpolished stones, cement, plaster, tiles, panels, synthetic building materials, etc.
  • Assembly of wooden construction elements, wood and plaster panels, plaster ornaments.
  • Assembly of wooden decorative elements
  • Repair cracks in the plaster.
  • Quick repairs on walls and plaster.
  • Suitable surfaces: MDF, chipboard, wood, expanded polystyrene, concrete, masonry, tiles, ceramic, stone, plasterboard

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