Multi-thread Sealant Adhesive for Threaded Fittings TANGIT Uni-lock 80 ml 2055955 Henkel


Multi-thread sealant pre-coated with inert paste, ideal for sealing all types of threaded fittings, both in plastic and metal: PVC, PE, PP, stainless steel, brass, copper, cast iron with diameters up to 4 ''. Replaces traditionally used products, such as hemp and PTFE tapes. For pipes with drinking water and gas supply (KTW approval, DVGW), cold / hot water, air.

8,80 € VAT included
7,21 € Without VAT

Tile glue 1Kg Edilbriko 86270 Maurer


Format: 1 Kg Glue for indoor and outdoor use. Gluing of wall tiles, gres and ceramics

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1,06 € Without VAT

Universal Adhesive Attak 60 Sec. Gr.20 Loctite

Super Attak - Loctite

Size: 20 gr. Recommended for: Leather, Rubber, Wood, Metal, Porcelain, Paper, Plastic *. Fast: Paste Almost All Materials within 60 Seconds Extra-Strong: Holds up to 130 kg / cm ^ 2 in a few seconds Replaceable: Replaces the parts you want to paste Ideal for medium and large home remedies Gel formula ultra-dense ideal for vertical applications Transparent Suitable for bonding on most surfaces * No solvents Perfectly bonds porous and non-porous materials

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT

Liquid plastic glue ml.30 TK13-0260 Tech


Size: 30 ml Hard plastic sticker based on polyacrylates. Allows quick repair of all types of rigid plastic, polystyrene, toys, plastic household items. Dry to touch after only 10 minutes, full hardening time 24 hours

3,59 € VAT included
2,94 € Without VAT

Strong glue for wood bindan RS-100 gr BINDULIN


Format: 100 gr. Bindan-RS is a glue to the high quality synthetic resin, free of harmful substances, fillers and fillers, no solvents and no added formaldehyde. Bindan-RS can be used for all gluing of the wood. The glued joints after drying are transparent, resistant to mold and moisture. Therefore, this glue is particularly suitable for bonding of parts during assembly, bonding wood balsa, for the model construction, bonding of plywood boards, of medium compactness fiber boards, plates of synthetic material decorated and chipboard. Thanks to the short setting time is also particularly suitable for the 'application of solid wood strips and thin tapes of synthetic material, for' bonding of plastic material and edges of the plywood.

3,00 € VAT included
2,46 € Without VAT

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Adhesive Wallpaper Metylan Universal 125gr


Size: 125 g powder adhesive based on methylcellulose ideal for bonding of light and heavy paper wallpaper, cork wallpaper and sottoparati.

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5,96 €   6,02 € Without VAT

Detach Metylan Defix Wallpaper 500ml


Format: 500 ml Detaching liquid to easily remove wallpaper and remove tempera (water) wall paints.

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5,79 € Without VAT

Glue for tiles 5kg Edilbriko Maurer 092721


Format: 5 kg glue for gluing of wall tiles tiles, stoneware, ceramics etc.

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3,43 € Without VAT

Brikoll Glue for Rubber and PVC gr.750

Briko Line

Format: 750 gr adhesive paste for rubber and PVC: perfect for bonding tiles and sheets of vinyl flooring, rubber and absorbent surfaces.

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3,07 € Without VAT

Brikoll adhesive for insulating and Tile gr.750

Briko Line

Format: 750 gr. highly white adhesive paste, used for the bonding of all types of insulating termacustici (polystyrene, glass wool, cork, rock wool, etc.) as well as for the application of tiles, skirting boards, panels and plasterboard. It ensures high flexibility even in time and therefore dampens vibrations and expansions. It is applied by trowel and dries in 24 hours.

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2,55 € Without VAT