SAFETY AIR Sanitizing Spray Sanitizer for Air Conditioners 400 ml Faren


Format: 400 ml It guarantees the perfect cleaning and sanitizing action against the main bacteria contained in environments with the presence of air conditioning. It lasts from a minimum of 10 to 45 days. Particularly suitable for civil use.

5,64 € VAT included
4,62 € Without VAT

Hygienizing Spray for Air Conditioners 16 VMD 400 ml

Size: 400 ml Conditioner foam for conditioners Sweet scent Ideal for automotive and civil engineering systems Cylinder delivery 60 cm incl.

3,36 € VAT included
2,75 € Without VAT

Climate Swamm Cleansing Cleanser for Climate Controls ml.400 Faren


Size: 400 ml Klima Swamm is a foaming cleanser for air conditioners. The foam penetrates, cleanses and hygienises with quaternary ammonium salts.

4,94 € VAT included
4,05 € Without VAT

Sanitizing Spray F20 for air conditioners 400 ml Faren


Format: 400 ml
spray sanitizer for cleaning total and professional of all air conditioning and climate control.
It contains quaternary ammonium salts. Hygienic action.

4,75 € VAT included
3,89 € Without VAT