Self-extinguishing prefilter for Ribimex Ashtray PRCEN000 / CF


Self-extinguishing prefilter for antistatic aspiracene to avoid obstructing the HEPA filter and making it easier to clean it.

5,49 € VAT included
4,50 € Without VAT

Ashtray Cenerill 1000W PRCEN001 Ribimex


Cenerilll is the 1000W ash-cleaner bin, created to suck the cold ash of fireplaces or stoves. Equipped with lacquered sheet metal structure with transport handle and interchangeable filter with reset lever. Capacity: 18 Liters Engine: 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 800 W Cod. PRCEN001

35,61 € VAT included
29,19 € Without VAT

HEPA Replacement Filter for Ribimex PRCEN011 / HE Ashtray


HEPA replacement filter for Ribimex ashtray. Only suitable for MINICEN model it is washable and interchangeable.

7,11 € VAT included
5,83 € Without VAT

Standard Replacement Filter for Cenerix and Daylight Ashtray

Standard replacement filter for Cenerix and Daylight 18Lt ashtray.

7,91 € VAT included
6,48 € Without VAT

[PRCEN010] Aspircenere 3 in 1 CENETRIS Ribimex


solids and liquids Aspira ash 3 in 1 for sucking cold ash, water and dust. Motor 220 - 240V - 50Hz - 1200W - Depression: 16Kpa. water and dust interchangeable filters. Bin 20 liters in lacquered metal with handle for transportation. Shopping for accessories with 4 wheels.

59,48 € VAT included
48,75 € Without VAT

Bin Aspiracenere Ceneflame 18 Liters 1200W PRCEN007 Ribimex


"Ceneflame", electric aspiracenere conceived for sucking the cold ashes of fireplaces, the wood and pellet stoves. Blowing function. Capacity: 18 Liters

30,48 € VAT included
24,98 € Without VAT

Cenerix Ashtray 18Litri 1200W PRCEN003 / 1200 Ribimex


Cenerix is the electric ash vacuum bin, designed to vacuum the cold ash from wood-burning or pellet stoves or fireplaces. Lacquered sheet metal bin with carrying handle, equipped with interchangeable filter. Capacity: 18 Liters Blowing function. Motor 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 1200 W. Code PRCEN003 / 1200

34,07 € VAT included
27,93 € Without VAT

HEPA Replacement Filter for Ribimex Ashtray PRCEN003 / HE


HEPA replacement filter for Ribimex ashtray. Suitable for ash vacuum cleaner: PRCEN001 / 003/005/006/007 / 008. Cod. PRCEN003 / HE

5,49 € VAT included
4,50 € Without VAT

Bin Ash Cinder 18 Valex 1350067


The ideal addition to cleaning in fireplaces, stoves and barbecues; with universal connection for vacuum and internal filter metal.
Capacity: 18 Liters
Cod. 1350067

19,91 € VAT included
16,32 € Without VAT

18-liter bin Aspiracenere Cenehot 800W PRCEN008 Ribimex


Cenehot is an electric ash cleaner equipped with interchangeable metal filter for added protection against the hot ashes. It equipped with blow out function, device for cleaning the filter, and wheels for convenient transport. Capacity: 18 liters
Motor: 230V-50Hz-950W
Cod. PRCEN008

53,53 € VAT included
43,88 € Without VAT