Shopping Cart Aquaviva Tube 60 Art.8940 Claber


Acquaviva trolley trolley model, with 60mt tube capacity, anti-corrosion aluminum frame and metal and plastic frame, carved and semi-cranked wheels. Effective capacity: 1/2 "60 mt tube.

15,65 € VAT included
12,83 € Without VAT

Crank graft to Cart Hose Reel Agrati


Coupling crank parts for trucks reel Agrati.

1,15 € VAT included
0,94 € Without VAT

Support 3/4 "Replacement Hose Cart Agrati


Support 3/4 "nylon hose reel carts Agrati.

1,46 € VAT included
1,20 € Without VAT

Hose reel cart Cyber ​​Art.2516 IPIERRE


Hose reel cart with shoulder and roll in shockproof resin. Frame metal painted with epoxy powders. Capacity: 50m of hose Ø 1/2 "or 35m hose Ø 5/8".

11,68 € VAT included
9,57 € Without VAT

Painted Steel hose reel 80m 1/2 "Racc.Ottone Art.132360

Garden hose reel trolley with painted steel structure. Capacity: 80 meters of pipe from 1/2 ". Quick-fit brass 1/2". Art. 132360

62,34 € VAT included
51,10 € Without VAT

Painted Steel hose reel 50m 1/2 "Racc.Ottone Art.132350

Garden hose reel trolley with painted steel structure. Capacity: 50 meters of pipe. quick coupling brass 1/2. "Art. 132 350

49,63 € VAT included
40,68 € Without VAT

Automatic Hose Reel Easy Roller Airex 9400 15 15 meters


Automatic hose reel faired in plastic, with metal fixing bracket adjustable, suitable for use for air and water (temperature -10 ° C + 60 ° C) usable with pipe diameters of 8x12 mm and a length max.15 mt. Fittings for air inlet 1/4 "BSP.
Maximum working pressure 20 bar.
Cod. 9400

145,09 € VAT included
118,93 € Without VAT

Plastic wall-stand ECO 8866 0 Claber


Port tube wall in the shape of the harness, provided with seats shaped to accommodate fittings and accessories. Deformable thanks to reinforcing ribs, with holes for the wall hooks.
Cod. 8866

3,71 € VAT included
3,04 € Without VAT

Automatic hose reel Automatic Rotoroll 20m 8990 Claber


Claber hose reel with automatic rewind and exclusive mechanism Soft Block System for safe use. Ready for use with 20 m of pipe supports with special anti-friction surface for a perfect winding smoothly and breakage. Cod. 8990

92,07 € VAT included
75,47 € Without VAT

Hose reel cart with Metal Ready Compact 25 8906 Claber


Immediately ready for use because it already assembled and complete with hose, fittings and spear, this truck is equipped with telescopic handle which is suitable for users of every height and is made of sturdy materials and resistant to all weather. Cod. 8906, 8909

62,43 € VAT included
51,17 € Without VAT