Round Charcoal Barbecue for Garden Camping with Wheels YUPIK Papillon


Charcoal barbecue PAPILLON mod. YUPIK round with lid, brazier and brace in painted steel. Equipped with stainless steel cooking grill diam. 54 cm, removable ashtray and thermometer integrated in the lid

100,32 € VAT included
82,23 € Without VAT

Spray Cleaner for Grills and Ovens ml.750 94171 Maurer


Format: 750 ml Detergent consisting of alkaline salts suitable for cleaning ovens, grills, plates, fryers and equipment for cooking food. It breaks down and emulsifies any residual fat and charred food, eliminates the development of bad smells, mold and bacterial growth Do not use on aluminum, alloys and painted parts

3,68 € VAT included
3,02 € Without VAT

Barbecue Inox a Carbonella Sirio Art.156 Ferraboli


Rectangular Charcoal Barbecue made of stainless steel with varnished legs and sides and fitted with a chrome grid for 56 × 35 cm. Weight: 8.5 kg

49,53 € VAT included
40,60 € Without VAT

Stainless steel grill with Sgocciolatorio cm.48x44

Stainless steel grate with dripping and support feet. Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 48x44 cm

44,10 € VAT included
36,15 € Without VAT

BBQ Grill & Throws Diavolina


Portable barbecue ready for use, instant start, ideal for camping, picnics and recreation.
Quick, clean, easy to use! Ideal for 4/6 people, with two hours duration.

6,32 € VAT included
5,18 € Without VAT

September pliers, shovel and fork stainless steel Ompagrill 3360


3-piece set consisting of forceps, spatula and meat fork made of stainless steel. Perfect for the barbecue. Size: 36 cm Cod, 3360

10,19 € VAT included
8,35 € Without VAT

Barbecue 98 Ergo 40098AL Ompagrill


Barbecue in painted steel, with chrome-plated steel cooking grill adjustable in 3 positions. Aluminized steel windscreen with safety coupling and scratch-proof edge. Robust brazier aluminized steel. Trestle stand with bayonet coupling. Cod 40098AL

32,78 € VAT included
26,87 € Without VAT

Barbecue a Gas Ecolava Plus 4938/CR Ompagrill


Barbecue with piezoelectric ignition, equipped with a scratch-resistant enamelled steel grill, heated by lava rock interposed between the burners and the grills. Combustion chamber, cover and side shelf in painted steel. Burner in aluminized sheet with rapid ignition with two ramps. Side burner with stainless steel burner. Code 4938 / CR

136,70 € VAT included
112,05 € Without VAT

Barbecue a Gas Ecoghisa Black 4080 Ompagrill


Gas barbecue piezoelectric ignition, with hotplate smooth vitrified cast iron for food and non-scratch enameled steel grid that allow differentiated cooking in contact plate and grill heated by the lava rock interposed between the burners and grates. It equipped with Nr. 2 stainless steel burners 1 ramp. Side cooker with stainless steel burner. Combustion chamber, cover, lower shelf and side shelves in painted steel. If used without a cast iron plate becomes a useful cooker.
Cod. 4080

294,81 € VAT included
241,65 € Without VAT

Barbecue a Gas Grilled Medio GAS 4043 GHIV Ompagrill


gas BBQ Green Line series, with cooking plate cm 40 x 43 in vitrified cast iron for food. combustion chamber in painted steel. sheet metal burner aluminized fast start with two ramps kW 3,7. Hood folding screen and painted steel trestle legs with bayonet. Stainless steel grease bowl. Cod. 4043 GAS GHIV

135,05 € VAT included
110,70 € Without VAT