Large Plastic Bottle with Plastic Handle Ics


Available in various formats. Wide-mouth plastic (HDPE) high density polyethylene blow-molding pail, with central iron handle for lifting. Suitable for contact with food and easy to handle.

6,00 € VAT included
4,92 € Without VAT

Bottle Bottom Drum Wide Mouth in Plastic with Handle and ICS Tap


Available in various formats. Square drum with wide mouth in white plastic, equipped with handle and tap.

8,52 € VAT included
6,98 € Without VAT

Galvanized sheet bucket with handle

Available in various sizes. Galvanized sheet bucket with handle

16,90 € VAT included
13,85 € Without VAT

Yellow Ultra Plastic Bucket Bucket Lt.11 PRAUSSSG36 Ribimex


Yellow bucket made of ultrasonic plastic with anti-crush handle Ø 7 mm. Cold resistant material (operating temperature up to - 40 ° C), UV rays, heat (up to + 50 ° C). Resists shocks due to free falls of 1.5 m. Double handle for ambidextrous override. Internally graduated. Capacity: 11 liters.

3,23 € VAT included
2,65 € Without VAT

Extra Brick Bucket LT.1

Reinforced plastic tapered brick bucket Weight 650g. Diameter Ø 34 cm Capacity 1 liter Color Red

2,22 € VAT included
1,82 € Without VAT

Case for Macerie Lt.50 mm.435x420x350

Square case for rubble, black color. Material: polyethylene Capacity: 50 Liters Dimensions: mm.435x420x350

5,23 € VAT included
4,29 € Without VAT

Bucket for Mason 10 lt

Bucket for bricklayer 36 cm Color: Black Capacity: 10 liters

34,78 € VAT included
28,51 € Without VAT

Tonda bowl "Bella" Blue Gio Style

Giò Style

Available in 3 models. durable plastic round bowl, fitted with ergonomic handles. Ideal for hand washing. Blue color

1,74 € VAT included
1,43 € Without VAT

Bath panel in Plastic


Available in 2 models. Bathroom plastic framework, with handles.

2,39 € VAT included
1,96 € Without VAT

White 20 liter bucket Framework ICS


Capacity: 20 liter bucket of white plastic panel, with handle.

9,22 € VAT included
7,56 € Without VAT