Charcoal Charcoal for Barbecue 3 Kg in Wunderblitz Briquettes

3 kg bag Charcoal produced with corn starch and vegetable charcoal Coal composed of a mixture of South American woods such as quebracho blanco and kurupàyo lapacho The product is homogeneous and does not cause sparks

3,76 € VAT included
3,08 € Without VAT

Firewood logs 20kg


Pressed wood stump with high heat output Box of 20Kg.

5,43 € VAT included
4,94 € Without VAT

Paraffin lighter 48 Cubes Buffoli Legnami

48 Fire-resistant cubes for practical and safe ignitions. (paraffin) Product based on kerosene, ideal for easy and quick lighting without the use of paper or thin wood.

0,65 € VAT included
0,53 € Without VAT

Ecological Eco-friendly Scaglietta 24 pcs Papillon


Eco-friendly fire lure wooden straw and completely natural and odorless wax Pack of 24 pcs

3,38 € VAT included
2,77 € Without VAT

Fire-lighter in Sack 72 Cubes Papillon


Eco-friendly and odorless product for wood and coal Ideal for lighting fireplaces, stoves, barbecues etc. solid fuels. Bag of 72 cubes

2,33 € VAT included
1,91 € Without VAT

Lightening fluid ml.750 Italfocus

Size: 750 ml Ideal for turning on fireplaces, stoves, barbecues etc.

2,83 € VAT included
2,32 € Without VAT

Firelock Log Diavolina Belfuoco


The fire lighter that heats the atmosphere and lights fireplaces and stoves in a practical and safe way. Compressed wood stump and wax ideal for lighting fireplaces and stoves The practical Diavolina Belfuoco stub creates a special atmosphere in the rooms and guarantees over 2 hours of warmth, pleasure and atmosphere. Limited smoke emission product. To light fireplaces and stoves easily, quickly and safely!

2,77 € VAT included
2,27 € Without VAT

Lava rock 3kg Campingaz 205637


lava rock in conf. 3kg. It provides even heat and reduces flare-ups. Packaging suitable for a surface area of ​​1,500 cm2. Cod. 205637

6,71 € VAT included
5,50 € Without VAT

Diavolina Accendigrill Liquid 1000ml


Format: 1 liter Diavolina Accendigrill Liquid is the ideal product to light the wood-burning, charcoal barbecue or the fireplace in just a few seconds. Fast and practical system, smoke-free, odorless, safe.

4,34 € VAT included
3,56 € Without VAT

Firelighter 100 cubes Ecological lighters


Ecological firelighters for fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, environmentally friendly, does not smoke nor odor as it is a natural product made of wax and wood. Has unlimited storage, is odorless, ecological, non-toxic and burns for over 10 minutes.
Pack of 100 cubes.

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT