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Tests per Battery 52684 Maurer


Battery tester, verifies the state of charge of 1.5 V AA, AAA, C, D batteries, 9 V batteries and 1.5 V button batteries. No power required

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Avviatore Tester Startzilla 2012 12V 829521 Telwin


Multifunctional starter and electronic tester, with LiPo Lithium batteries for 12V auto starting, vans, small boats, trucks, etc. Compact and lightweight, it also guarantees polarity (-20 ° C) with Ice Start function and automatically adjusts operation based on the temperature control (Temperature Control). Startzilla performs a battery test test: test voltage at the terminals, start-up capacity (CCA) and check the alternator operation of the vehicle. It functions as a power bank: with a USB output (5V / 2.1A) for electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, MP3s, cameras, etc) and a 12.16.19V programmable voltage output for laptop and other devices. Equipped with high intensity LED lamps with various operating modes: white for fixed and red lighting for alarm signaling. Protections against: reverse polarity, short circuit, overvoltage (incompatible battery voltage), undervoltage (cut-off voltage), overcurrent, overheating, under temperature, accidental contacts. Complete with starter cables and mains power supply.

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Caricabatterie Pulse 30 230V 6V/12V/24V 807587 Telwin


PULSE 30 230V 6V / 12V / 24V cod. 807587 6/12 / 24V automatic electronic battery charger for WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, START-STOP batteries for automatic charging / maintenance (PULSE TRONIC) and for the recovery of sulphated or heavily discharged batteries. It stands out for its extreme ease of use thanks to the automatic recognition of the type of battery and the presence of an immediately usable key-pad keyboard. The innovative Power Stream technology guarantees superior performance, up to 50%, compared to traditional battery chargers thanks to more efficient and complete control of the charging process, considerably faster charging times, maintenance of the optimal conditions of a battery that is translate into longer life expectancy. The Pulse Tronic technology guarantees the optimal charge of the battery through 8 phases that test, monitor, increase and maintain the state of charge. Features: - automatic charge / maintenance, fast BOOST charge - based on SMPS technology (Switch Mode Power Supply) - Pulse Tronic charge with pulse maintenance - led signaling of charge, end of charge, protection intervention - selection of sulphated batteries - grippers not powered if disconnected from the battery - spark-proof device, protections against short-circuits, polarity inversions, input overvoltages, faulty battery. Implement PFC.

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Charger Charger Doctor Charge 50 807586 Telwin


Multifunctional Battery Charger (BATTERY MANAGER) for the complete maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, 6/12 / 24V START-STOP batteries and for support activities in vehicle maintenance workshops, car bodies and dealerships. Innovative Power Stream technology delivers superior performance, up to 50% more than traditional chargers. Pulse Tronic technology ensures optimal battery charge through 8 phases. Doctor Charge 50 performs 5 functions: 1. Automatic charging and maintenance of batteries with PULSE TRONIC technology even in difficult environmental conditions (low temperatures); 2. Battery tests such as terminal voltage, start-up capacity (CCA) and checking alternator operation of the vehicle; 3. Recovery of very low solfatateo batteries and restoration of optimal functionality with periodic regeneration; 4. Stable power source for battery change (for the maintenance of on-board electronics), for diagnostic activities (vehicle operation tests), to maintain the batteries of the demonstration vehicles exhibited in the showroom; 5. Vehicle starting aid. Based on SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology. In cases of blackout or repetitive use, the Doctor Charge 50 may predispose itself to the last settings made. Multiple protections present. Implement PFC.

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Caricabatterie T-Charge 12 EVO 6-12V 807578 Telwin


Charger, charger and multifunction electronic tester for batteries WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li 6 / 12V with LCD screen. Charging and maintenance programs in Pulse Tronic dedicated to the battery technology selected. Advanced function for charging and maintaining low temperature batteries. Activating the RECOVERY function allows the recovery of sulphated batteries. Test the battery alternator and battery. It is a continuous and reliable power source during battery change. Simplified and immediate display of parameters with lcd display. Features: - Pulse Tronic automatic charging and maintenance based on the battery technology selected; - COLD function for charging and maintaining low temperature batteries; - RECOVERY function for recovering sulphated batteries; - Battery, start and alternator TEST function; - SUPPLY function for stable power during battery change; - LCD screen; - Overload protection, short circuit and reverse polarity. Complete with cable with clamps and cable with eyelets.

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6A Crocodile Clamp for Batteries

Available in 2 colors. Cable fixing: with screw and hole Ø 4 mm Handle: Insulated in red or black plastic Material: nickel plated Rated current: 6 A

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Kit 20 Fuses 100A for Charger Telwin 802029


Kit 20 Fuses 100A for chargers and starters Telwin. Art. 802 029

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Multifunction Charger Doctor Charge 30 807585 Telwin


Multi-functional charger (BATTERY MANAGER) for the complete maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, START-STOP 6/12 / 24V and support activities in the interventions carried out on vehicles in workshops, body shops and dealerships. The innovative Power Stream technology delivers higher performance, up to 50% more, compared to conventional chargers. Pulse Tronic technology ensures optimum charging of the batteries through 8 stages. Cod. 807585

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Caricabatteria Avviatore Dynamic 620 Start 230V 12-24V Telwin 829384


Battery charger and professional starter for charging free electrolyte batteries (WET) with 12 / 24V voltage and the rapid start-up of all kinds of passenger cars, vans, light trucks. Cod. 829384

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Caricabatterie T-Charge 20 Boost 12-24V 807563 Telwin


Intelligent battery charge, with electronic control of charging current, automatic interruption and restart (PULSE-TRONIC). Self-winding (PULSE-TRONIC), quick charge (BOOST), all sealed maintenance free batteries (GEL / AGM / START-STOP), free electrolyte batteries (WET) at 12 / 24V of motorcycles, cars, vans, tractors , boats. Cod. 807563

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