4 Series Chisels for Wood 89648 Maurer


Assortment pz.4 wood chisels "MAURER PLUS" two-color handle

18,45 € VAT included
15,12 € Without VAT

Chisel for Electrician mm.10x250 85681 Maurer


Hot-melted steel sharpener chisel with re-foldable hexagonal section. Dimensions: 10x250 mm

2,87 € VAT included
2,35 € Without VAT

Paramano Thermoplastic for Chisels

Available in 3 sizes. Rubber grip handle with octagonal section for bricklayer chisels

2,45 € VAT included
2,01 € Without VAT

Ribbed Chrome Vanadium steel chisel mm.150 089,631 Maurer


Ribbed chisels in chrome satin chrome-vanadium steel. Length: 150 mm

3,65 € VAT included
2,99 € Without VAT

Chisel Muratore in Punta mm.16x400 Art.537 ARIEX


Mason chisel to cut and re-sharpening the tip. Chrome vanadium steel autotemperante, painted. Dimensions: 16x400 mm

5,34 € VAT included
4,38 € Without VAT

Mechanical chisel to art.544 cm.20 / 20 ARIEX


Mechanical chisel to a forged steel ribbed, chrome vanadium steel, painted. Length: 20 cm

8,36 € VAT included
6,85 € Without VAT

Chisel Plate Normal type mm.150 Art.34 Chrome Beta


Flat chisel normal type chrome. Length: 150 mm. Tip width: 17 mm.

7,43 € VAT included
6,09 € Without VAT

Chisel Plate Type Ribbed Chrome Beta art.35


Available in 3 sizes. Flat chisel type ribbed chrome.

14,23 € VAT included
11,66 € Without VAT

Series 6 chisels Palmera


Set of six chisels professional hand-cut and pointed, in envelope.

34,40 € VAT included
28,20 € Without VAT

Wood Chisel Bahco 424P


Available in 3 sizes.

Bahco chisel with special 2-component handle for maximum control and comfort.
Blade precision-machined for maximum sharpening, sharp and ready for use Steel, hardened and tempered for long lasting performance.
Protective cover included.
Cod. 424P

11,46 € VAT included
9,39 € Without VAT