Anti Felting Cashmere Felt Lotion 500 ml Nuncas


Anti Felting Cashmere Felt Lotion 500 ml Nuncas


Size: 500 ml Sfeltro is a restructuring lotion essential to preserve your felted wool clothes over time and be able to enjoy them for a long time. Used periodically, the lotion prevents the natural felting of the wool (which is a normal effect due to use and adverse weather conditions). It deeply nourishes the wool and thanks to the hand massage it allows to loosen the knots between the fibers so as to eliminate the hardening and shrinkage of the head and to recover even a size. The action of its active ingredients and the prolonged soaking detach the "dead cells" from the felted wool (the annoying and unsightly lint) and regenerates the fiber in depth, stretching and swelling it.

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