HSS Conical Tool Milling Cutter for Drilling and Enlarging 01176 Krino


Available in various sizes. Mainly designed for the flaring of metals and light alloys. It can also be used on plastic and plexiglass.

15,35 € VAT included
12,58 € Without VAT

Drill bits and blades with hole 90 HSS 01188 Krino


Available in 4 sizes. Cutters to flush and blow 90 ° hole in HSS

9,25 € VAT included
7,58 € Without VAT

HSS-G Conical Tool Milling Cutter for Drilling and Enlarging 01183 Krino


Available in 7 sizes. Integral conical stepped tools in HSS-G for drilling and widening sheet metal.

17,81 € VAT included
14,60 € Without VAT

Conical HSS-G Tool for Drilling and Expanding 01180 Krino


Available in 7 sizes. HSS-G integral conical tools for drilling and widening plates and tubes

11,39 € VAT included
9,34 € Without VAT

Rotating Fresco in Metallo Duro Krino


Available in 39 sizes. Rotary cutter made of hard metal.

14,59 € VAT included
11,96 € Without VAT

Fresa Rotativa HSS Krino


Available in 42 sizes.

Fresa Rotativa HSS Krino

5,40 € VAT included
4,43 € Without VAT

Traditional Windshield HSS K5 ømm.28-50 Art.03005 White Star

Stella Bianca

Optimized for sheet metal. To make and extend holes on metal plates, light alloys or plastic rolls. Super fast HSS M2 or HSS-E M35 (Cobalt) body made of milled and rectified from full. Diameter: ø mm.28-50 Stem: 10 mm

59,72 € VAT included
48,95 € Without VAT

Series 12 Wood Cutters + Case Art.6444 Ecef

Series 12 Wood Cutters + Case Art.6444 Ecef

45,31 € VAT included
37,14 € Without VAT

Countersink in HSS PG

PG Professional

Available in 3 sizes. Countersink in HSS for steel and ferrous materials. Stem: Ø 6 mm

8,06 € VAT included
6,61 € Without VAT

Allargafori to Step Step 1mm 03044 White Star

Stella Bianca

Allargafori stepped HSS pitch 1mm, to run and expand to fit holes in sheet metal, alloy or plastic laminates. Diameter: 30-40 mm Shaft: 12 mm

120,72 € VAT included
98,95 € Without VAT