Dyes, Pigments and Oxides



Teknica Concentrated Liquid Universal Colorant


Available in 3 sizes and 12 colors. Universal liquid coloring with very high concentration. Quickly paint any paint product, simply by adding it drop by drop until you reach the desired shade.

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Pigment Microgranules Dyeing "Pigment" for Water Paint

Il Pigmento

Our microgranulate pigment, a brand new concept, will allow you to get one of the 270 colors offered by our "colorable" series folders or create your own color you like. You will no longer be limited by a reduced range of nearly identical colors for everyone. Packed in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 grams vials, it greatly simplifies the creation and reproduction of the dye, our system provides for the use of all the contents of the vials. The purity of a pigment coated with a resin that allows it to mix with water based products, no longer dyes that tend to separate but a perfect homogeneity from the first to the last grain, a coloring power 4 to 6 times higher than normal dyes.

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Iron Oxide Pigment Dye 500gr.

Briko Line

Available in 8 colors. Format: 500 g Iron oxides are synthetic pigments can stain concrete, lime, plaster, paint, solvents and synthetic products. Commonly used for the construction of pavements, walls, brick or decorative elements in the building industry. In addition to color the cement they can also be used in industrial field, for example for the coloring of the rubber or the abrasives. The oxides have been selected for their characteristics of solidity and stability to light, weathering, water and alkalis.

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