Male Threaded Brass Fitting for Aquajet Garden Hoses


Available in various sizes Male threaded brass fitting for Aquajet garden tap

Brass Fitting Adapter for Aquajet Garden Faucet


Available in 2 sizes Brass fitting adapter for Aquajet Garden Faucet

Y 2-Way Independent and Adjustable 3/4 Tap for Garden Hoses 466 B Aquajet


Y 2-Way Independent and Adjustable 3/4 Tap for Garden Hoses 466 B Aquajet Size: 3/4 - 3/4 x 3/4

16,36 € VAT included
13,41 € Without VAT

Adapter with 3/4 "BSP thread for Connectors and Garden Sprinklers 2289 Hozelock


Accessory adapter with 3/4 "BSP thread to allow quick connection between Hozelock accessories such as sprinklers and connectors. Made with the highest quality materials. It can be used to transform a female connector into a 3/4" BSP threaded male connector. Connector function Converts the female to male connection Screw thread 3/4 "BSP (26.5mm) Material Plastic

1,35 € VAT included
1,11 € Without VAT

3/4 ”BSP Adapter for Flat Garden Spiral Hose 2170 Hozelock


3/4 ”BSP adapter for flat and spiral tube. Converts the end of the tube into a female connector suitable for use with the Hozelock quick connection system Made of high quality materials for longer life Adapter 3/4 "BSP Connector function Converts the connection into female Screw thread 3/4 "BSP (26.5mm) Material Plastic

3,00 € VAT included
2,46 € Without VAT

Repair Sleeve Coupling or Pipe Connection 19mm (3/4 '') 2200 Hozelock


Hozelock connectors for repairing hose connection 19mm (3/4 '') For the repair of a damaged tube or for the permanent connection of 2 tubes.

2,59 € VAT included
2,12 € Without VAT

Male Connector for Internal Threaded Taps 2304 000 Hozelock


Kitchen tap connector for modern taps, with built-in aerator and a 22 mm female head. Perfect for when an external tap is not available It connects easily and safely to the kitchen or bathroom tap Leave this tap connector connected by unscrewing the plastic component for optimal use Convert your tap into a 3/4 "BSP thread

7,43 € VAT included
6,09 € Without VAT

Connector 3 Way Fitting for Garden Hoses Irrigation 2292 Hozelock


3 way connector for garden hoses Irrigation 2292 Hozelock

3,06 € VAT included
2,51 € Without VAT

Adjustable Spray Lance Fitting with Male Connector for 2292 Hozelock Flexible Hose


Adjustable spray fitting with 2292 Hozelock male connector

3,26 € VAT included
2,67 € Without VAT

Soft Touch Hose Connector for Garden Irrigation Hoses Ø 19mm 2080 6002 Hozelock


Soft Touch hose connector for irrigation garden hoses Ø 19mm 2080 6002 Hozelock

2,67 € VAT included
2,19 € Without VAT