Lysoform Disinfectant Detergent for Floors and Surfaces 900 ml Antibacterial Action

Format: 900 ml Lysoform Complete Protection Disinfectant is indicated for floors but is effective on all washable surfaces in the home. Ideal for disinfection against germs and bacteria and for removing allergens.

2,77 € VAT included
2,27 € Without VAT

Detergent Detergent for Floors Without Halo 1 Lt 94172 Maurer


Format: 1 Liter Professional detergent, perfectly cleans all types of floors leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance in the room. It fights fungus and mold growths, does not corrode and leaves no stains. Ideal for cleaning offices, canteens, bars, homes etc.

3,77 € VAT included
3,09 € Without VAT

Waterproofing for Flooring 1Lt Maurer


Format: 1 Liter Water-repellent and waterproofing oil seals the micro cracks in terraces and horizontal floors and does not alter the appearance of the floor. Easy to apply, it resists to atmospheric agents and does not need maintenance. It is used to seal, avoid infiltrations in the micro cracks formed in horizontal floors, such as balconies and terraces, pergolas and joints in general, which are constantly exposed to rain and bad weather.

21,19 € VAT included
17,37 € Without VAT

Detergent Dust and Anti-scale for Ceramic Floors 1Lt Maurer


Format: 1 Liter MAURER PLUS anti-dust and anti-limescale detergent for ceramic floors. It eliminates calcareous dust, blackening and stains residues without damaging or damaging the treated surfaces and is ideal for tile and joint cleaning.

4,00 € VAT included
3,28 € Without VAT

1 Lt Maurer sanitizing detergent for floors


Format: 1 Liter sanitizing sanitizing detergent MAURER perfumed for floors based on quaternary ammonium salts active on pathogenic germs, molds, algae and fungi (germistop) It is ideal for cleaning floors, kitchens, coverings, fixtures, parquettes and sanitary ware - its formulation ensures safety in environments where there are children and pets Indicated for those cases where there is danger of microbial contamination or contagion as in community settings, hospitals, nursing homes, canteens and kindergartens.

4,00 € VAT included
3,28 € Without VAT

Cleaner for Cotto Flooring ml.1000 098156 Maurer


Size: 1000 ml Amazing cleansing detergent "MAURER PLUS" for terracotta floors - based on ammonium quaternary salts active on pathogenic germs, molds, algae and fungi - indicated for those cases where there is a risk of microbial contamination or contagion as In community environments, nursing homes, canteens and kindergartens - ideal for sanitizing terracotta floors and all washable surfaces, leaving a smell of mentoline pine.

3,78 € VAT included
3,10 € Without VAT

Polishing Wax Floor Cerati Treaties ml.1000 098,158 Maurer


Format: 1 Liter Wax polish and waxed floors. Restores and protects the waxy film giving gloss to the treated surfaces.

5,84 € VAT included
4,79 € Without VAT

Solid wax for Cotto 1000ml Teknica


Format: 1000 ml concentrated wax for terracotta, added with selected special waxes, restores shine and impermeability to the Treaty on the floor, protecting it from water and oil. Product eco-friendly. For use in the food industry. (DL155 / 97 HACCP).

7,94 € VAT included
6,51 € Without VAT

Bostik Renew 110ml tiles


Format: 110ml Renew tiles, tile joints as new! shiny white liquid bleaching slots ready for use. Renews the original white of the joints between the tiles. With the tampon applicator you get a perfect result without effort and without waste.

7,33 € VAT included
6,01 € Without VAT

Degreaser Stark Floor Teknica


Available in 2 sizes. Degreaser professional sanitizing without solvents or acids. Thanks to its formulation removes grease and cleans thoroughly in a single solution. Suitable for cleaning floors and ceramic tiles, stoneware, terracotta, marble, granite, linoleum, PVC, stone, etc. Renew the joints and eliminates whitening stains. Eliminates unpleasant odors.

3,45 € VAT included
2,83 € Without VAT