Easy Step Maurer Painted Rectangular Steel Stool


Available in 3 models. EASY STEP-style folding iron stool with single-body structured support base According to EN131 standard Capacity: 150 Kg.

17,93 € VAT included
14,70 € Without VAT

Staircase with Castile Wheels CA3 / 150 Facal


Steps: 6 Height: 2.62 m H Useful: 3.3 m H on the floor: 1.54 m Weight (kg): 36 Castiglia is the aluminum cast-iron staircase on wheels, sturdy and elegant, foldable for the transport and storage. The 61 ° inclined front part ensures a comfortable uphill position. The vertical back allows to approach the work point. Tubular structure 30x65 mm ribbed and rigid, large footboard in aluminum 48x77cm with foot protection.

550,98 € VAT included
451,62 € Without VAT

Foldable Superstep 2/3 Row Stair Stool


Available in 2 models. SUPERSTEP, steel stool with single-base ground support. The handrail is 61 cm high for increased safety and stability and the feet are non-slip rubber. Certification: EN14183 Legislative Decree 81/08. Capacity: 150 Kg.

20,81 € VAT included
17,06 € Without VAT

Scala Telescopica Briko Blu BB / 2 Word


Steps: 4 + 4 BRIKO BLUE, all-aluminum, is the new European universal scale conceived as an extreme solution of solidity and ease of use. Strong steel hinges bind each upright 18 with fixing points and do not allow flexing to the structure. The hinges are covered inside and out by special malgame of injected resin with developmental industrial processes.

110,23 € VAT included
90,35 € Without VAT

Scale Transformable Dama 2 Ramps D350-2 Facal


N ° ramps: 2 Steps: 11 + 11 Maximum extension of 8,34 m DAMA is the ladder all aluminum with two flights with large pillars which minimizes deflection. The lozenge steps 30 x 30 mm tilted by 68 ° guarantee the support of the feet on level ground and do not tire the legs. Intended for intensive professional use thanks to accessories and components all in cast aluminum high quality.

168,79 € VAT included
138,35 € Without VAT

Scale castle with wheels Castilla CA4 / 175 Facal


Steps: 7 Height: 2.82 m Castile is the bunk aluminum ladder on wheels, robust and stylish, foldable for transport and storage. The inclined front of 61 ° ensures comfortable climb in an upright position. The vertical rear allows you to approach the operating point tubular frame 30x65 mm ribbed and stiff, large decking platform aluminum 48x77cm with protecting the foot.

564,97 € VAT included
463,09 € Without VAT

Supporting scale of 10 steps Maurer 95831


Steps: 10
Height: 306 cm
Material: aluminum
non-slip feet
Certified EN131
Cod. 95831

48,13 € VAT included
39,45 € Without VAT

Telescopic Ladder 11 Steps PRET11 Ribimex


Scala opening telescope partial or total, ideal for any work outside and inside. Maximum height: 320 cm Cod. PRET11

174,25 € VAT included
142,83 € Without VAT

Telescopic Ladder 7 Steps PRET07 Ribimex


Scala opening telescope partial or total, ideal for any work outside and inside.
Maximum height: 205 cm
Cod. PRET07

113,64 € VAT included
93,15 € Without VAT

Scale Transformable S.79 / A 3 ramps 3A250 Facal


N ° ramps: 3 Steps: 7 + 7 + 7 Maximum extension: 5.60 m S.79 / A is convertible aluminum ladder, easy to be opened even stand. The base with enlargement on the uprights is provided with feet articulated and steel hooves covered in non-slip rubber. With boxed uprights 30x65 / 80 mm and ribbed to stiffen the entire structure.

268,85 € VAT included
220,37 € Without VAT