Stainless Steel Grill Grate for Barbecue cm.45x40 765/30 Verdelook


Grill Stainless steel grill for food Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 45x40 cm

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8,96 € Without VAT

Non-Stick Electric Barbecue Steak for GRATELLA G3 Ferrati

With Gratella you can satisfy your desire to grill all year round: whether it is meat, fish or vegetables, with this electric barbecue you will always get excellent results. The large 35.5 x 25.5 cm cooking surface is large enough to cook a meal for the whole family; the plate in non-stick material will allow you a double use: smooth for grilling and ribbed for barbecue function. The resistance embedded in the plate guarantees a cooking without bad smells and a perfect heat distribution, and with the help of the adjustable thermostat, you can adapt the temperature to each food. The tempered glass lid allows for protected cooking: you will be safe from splashes of oil and fat and you can also cook in the cold, as the heat will be kept inside. Finally, this unit is completely demountable for quick and easy cleaning.

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50,65 € Without VAT

"Galactic" Electric Grill G3 Ferrari

For a perfect barbecue even at home, without fumes and open flames, in total safety and without sacrificing quality, G3 Ferrari has created Galactic Grill. Thanks to the large cooking surface (50 x 28 cm), the Galactic Grill electric barbecue is the ideal solution for the needs of the whole family. Its frame is made of stainless steel and the shell is heat-resistant and covered with anti-scald material, the double grid included allows you to comfortably turn the food without damaging it and the porcelain tray for collecting fat is non-stick and can be cleaned easily and in a few minutes. TECHNICAL FEATURES Armored steel heating element Cooking temperature adjustment Operating light Safety / functioning device in the handle Cooking area dimensions: 50 x 28 cm Double grille Dimensions Cooking grid 48 x 26 cm Porcelain tray for easy cleaning Frame in anti-scald heat-insulating plastic material Power supply: AC 220-240V ~ 50 Hz Power: 1900-2300 W Dimensions (W x H x D): 58 x 10.5 x 36 cm Weight: 3.4 Kg

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50,65 € Without VAT

Gridiron Tipper cm.30x30 G130030 Ompagrill


Steel grating tipper system. Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 30x30 cm

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Stainless steel grid with feet cm.40x28

Double broiler clamshell, equipped with supporting feet. Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 40x28 cm

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Grid Without Feet

Available in 2 sizes. Gridiron without feet.

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Stainless steel grill with Sgocciolatorio cm.59x44

Stainless steel gridiron with sgocciolatorio and feet. Dimensions: 59x44 cm

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42,53 € Without VAT

Bistecchiera "Dietegrill Marmorella Stone Effect" Art.549 Ilsa


Griddle "Dietegrill Marmorella Stone effect" rectangular with bakelite handle. Die-cast aluminum body with triple non-stick coating Dimensions: 25x35 cm. Art. 549

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9,94 € Without VAT

Plate Grill Plate Grill Campingaz Bistro Activ


cooking plate, suitable for all stoves and barbecues. Special diets thanks to the receptacle for the collection of fats and to the non-stick surface of the grid. improved non-stick cooking surface. Dimensions: Ø 32cm

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8,78 € Without VAT