Professional gun for silicone 084,204 Maurer


Caulking gun with alloy and steel frame. Rotation of the frame body. Feed rack.

12,79 € VAT included
10,48 € Without VAT

Pistola Coaxial G380 10065 Eurochimica


Coaxiali suitable for two-component cartridges. manual gun coaxiale, aluminum and steel structure Maximum thrust kg. With a total content of 250 ml. 380/410 mixing ratio 10: 1 Cod. 10065

30,73 € VAT included
25,19 € Without VAT

Pistola Skeleton a Stelo 9055 Eurochimica


Professional pistol, practical, lightweight and safe. And 'suitable for all sealants in cartridge and for chemical fastening. New thrust system WCD and wear compensation mechanism. Equipped with anti-drip of sealant system. Cod. 9055

22,73 € VAT included
18,63 € Without VAT

Gun Stem


Mod. 9030 for Silicone Sealants and Model aluminum stem, lightly. Pushrod hex with high mechanical properties. Semi-professional, suitable for businesses, tinsmiths, window fitters, plumbers, tool and hardware. Equipped with anti-drip system sealant.

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4,59 € Without VAT