Impregnating with Acqua Cerato Ecowood

Cera Novecento

Available in various colors and various sizes. Waxy impregnating agent in water dispersion with high penetrating power. The special water-based formulation makes it particularly suitable for indoor environments but can however also be used outdoors. Protects not only from atmospheric agents and UV rays, but also from mold and fungi.

3,64 € VAT included
2,98 € Without VAT

Protective impregnating Antitarlo Nox Tarl Teknica


Available in 2 sizes. Impregnating protective healing of wood, it is a completely odorless and colorless product. The most effective product for the defense of furniture, frames, wooden floors and all types of wood. Formulated with special additives that penetrate deeply lignivorous protect the wood from insects (moth, Capricorn, termites, Syrex, lyctus). Ready to use and is injected directly into the wood holes with the cannula. Art. TK05-0741

4,27 € VAT included
3,50 € Without VAT

Protective impregnating with waxed water Tuttolegno Rover


Available in 2 sizes. Available in various colors. Water impregnant excellent both as a protective impregnating agent and as a waxed finish. Odorless, quick drying. Yield: 10-12 sqm / lt. Dilution: with water; 1st hand 15%, successive 10%.

14,91 € VAT included
12,22 € Without VAT

Impregnated Protective Matte TUTTOLEGNO


Size: 750 ml and 2.5 liter Color: Chestnut, impregnating wood deep acting, matte finish for interior and exterior. Yield: 10-16 sqm / lt Dilution:

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6,40 € Without VAT