ASC IP65 2 + 2P CEE Distribution Board with Fanton ULISSE 74321 Cable


ULISSE ASC IP65 distribution board with shock-proof thermoplastic box, completely insulated. Equipped with 4 m cable. 5G2,5 H07RN-F plug 3P + N + T 16A 380-415V 6h IP67 Sockets: 2 x 2P + T 16A 200-250V 6h IP67 2 x 3P + T 16A 380-415V 6h IP67 Protections: 1 magnetothermal switch 4P 16A C 1 differential switch 4P 25A 30mA AC Dimensions: 250x403x177 mm. The distribution boards of the Ulisse series are especially suitable for the commissioning of professional equipment in industrial contexts, such as in agriculture, construction sites (both building and naval) and also in the tertiary sector (industries, laboratories, workshops, ice cream parlors, gyms, solarium, etc.). The design, the attention to detail and the choice of materials give these products high performance. The high thickness of the walls guarantee maximum protection against impacts. The boxes are equipped with knockout holes for cable entry and holes for sealing purposes. They are made of thermoplastic which gives excellent characteristics of non-deformability, resistance to thermal excursions, self-extinguishing and ultraviolet stabilization. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS - We offer a range of distribution boards for the main electrical distribution requirements for normal, industrial, tertiary, construction and agricultural environments - The ASC versions (equipment built in series for construction sites) comply with CEI EN 60439-1 and CEI EN 60439-4 and complete with protection systems and power cable (4m type H07RN-F). - The AS versions are intended for wall type applications. - The compatible dimensions of the panels define a complete modularity. Furthermore, a compartment has been created with the function of a transport handle without altering the front appearance. - The sockets are protected against accidental blows through an external edge, while high thicknesses of the panel walls are guarantees against breakages due to impacts. - The boxes are provided with knockout holes for cable entry. - The switchboards made of light gray thermoplastic material (RAL7035) have excellent characteristics of non-deformability, resistance to thermal excursions, self-extinguishing and stabilization to UV rays - Available with IP44 and IP65 protection degree. - In the compartments for modular equipment, it is possible to insert 17 modules (square dim.350), 12 modules (square dim. 250), 6 modules (square dim.150). - Classified as double-insulated, the panels are fitted with screw-covers for wall-mounting. - The ASC boards are accompanied by the relevant declaration of conformity and wiring diagram inside the packaging. - The paintings with dim. 250 and 350 are suitable to be fixed on the wheeled cable reel, compatible with the type of plug and socket. - Support also available for paintings with sizes 250 and 350.

198,64 € VAT included
162,82 € Without VAT

Presa Mobile 2P+T 16A 230V IP44 Maurer 94651


Mobile socket 2P + T 230V 16 A - IP44 blue color.

3,38 € VAT included
2,77 € Without VAT

Presa Mobile 3P+T 400V 16A Rossa IP44 094652 Maurer


Presa mobile 3P+T 400V 16A IP44 colore rosso

3,60 € VAT included
2,95 € Without VAT

Presa Mobile 3P+N+T 400V 16A Rossa IP44 094653 Maurer


Presa mobile 3P+N+T 400V 16A IP44 colore rosso.

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3,83 € Without VAT

Electrical Panel Ulysses ASC IP65 3 CEE sockets 2P + T 16A 220V Fanton 74309


Ulysses framework ASC IP65 dim. 150x450x137 mm. 2 m cable. and 2P + T 16A 220V sockets: 3 x 2P + T 16A 220V Protections: 1 differential thermal breaker 6kA 30mA Cod. 74309

106,75 € VAT included
87,50 € Without VAT

Quadro Elettrico asc IP55 4 après CEE 2P + T 16a 220V Standing 74329


ASC IP55 electrical panel box with shock-resistant thermoplastic material, completely isolated. 4 CEE sockets 2P + T 16A 220V. 1 2P + T 16A 220V - 2m cable. Orotezioni int.diff / magn.6KA 30mA. Dimensions: 250 x 403 x 177 mm Cod. 74329

117,84 € VAT included
96,59 € Without VAT

PRE money Argo Diritti 3P + N + T 32a 400V 6h IP44 Standing 70125


Spina volante diritta - 3P+N+T 32A 400V 6h - IP44.
Cod. 70125

5,95 € VAT included
4,88 € Without VAT

PRE money Argo Diritti 3P + T 32a 400V 6h IP44 Standing 70124


Spina volante ARGO diritta - 3P+T 32A 400V 6h - IP44
Cod. 70124

5,73 € VAT included
4,70 € Without VAT

PRE money Argo Diritti 2P + T 32a 230V 6h IP44 Standing 70120


Spina volante ARGO diritta - 2P+T 32A 230V 6h - IP44.
Cod. 70120

5,60 € VAT included
4,59 € Without VAT

PRE money Argo Diritti 3P + T 16a 400V 6h IP44 Standing 71104


Presa volante ARGO diritta - 3P+T 16A 400V 6h - IP44.
Cod. 71104

4,47 € VAT included
3,66 € Without VAT