Adapter 1/4 "Male to Hex Male to Quadro 50 mm K6650-1 / 4-1P BahcoBahco


Connection: 1/4 "DIN 3126-A 6.3, ISO 1173 Finish: black Material: high performance alloy steel Adapter for hexagonal male to square male DIN 3120

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Codice prodotto

K6650-1/4           1/4"mm1/4"mm  50mm        18 g

K6650-1/4-1P      1/4"mm1/4"mm  50mm       18g

K6650-3/8            3/8"mm 1/4"mm  50mm      25 g

K6650-1/2            1/2"mm 1/4"mm  50mm      35 g

K6650-1/2-1P       1/2"mm 1/4"mm  50mm      42 g

K6650-3/8-1P       3/8"mm1/4"mm  50mm       30g