Odor Eliminator Natural Home and Kitchen 250 gr ODOROFF

Odoroff is a product that eliminates odors naturally by evaporation, without covering them with other perfumes. Odoroff is natural and non-toxic. This means that you will not have to treat it like a poison, as is a must with many similar products, it does not disturb people, animals or plants and leaves no residue, so much so that it can be used near food, such as in the refrigerator or in the dishwasher ! Natural and naturally cheap product!

10,86 € VAT included
8,90 € Without VAT

Cream, Lightweight Pasta Metals, 50 ml, Metalcrom

Format: 50 ml Cream paste ideal for polishing metals, resistant to heat. Historically it is used to polish the plans of the economic kitchens. Color: Aluminum

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT

Antirust paint polish for metals Crom House 50ml

Format: 50 ml anti-rust paint for metal, indicated to make bright the plates, the pipes to the stove and the mufflers for cars.

3,00 € VAT included
2,46 € Without VAT

Smac detergent Brilla Metals 250ml


Format: 250 ml Cleans, protects, shines. With the passage of time the brass and bronze surfaces oxidise losing their natural shine. Smac effectively cleans, shines and protects against oxidation for a long time all bronze and brass surfaces.

4,79 € VAT included
3,93 € Without VAT

Detergente Smac Rame 250ml


Format: 250 ml Cleans, protects, shines. With the passage of time the copper surfaces oxidize losing their natural shine. Smac copper effectively cleans, shines and protects against oxidation long all metal objects.

4,82 € VAT included
3,95 € Without VAT

Detergente Smac Gas 500ml


Format: 500 ml Heat and daily use can blacken the plates up to damage them. Smac Gas effectively cleans, shines and protects by blackening long all kind of plates over time.

2,59 € VAT included
2,12 € Without VAT

Polishing Cream 50 ml Multipurpose Iosso

Format: 50 ml non-abrasive polishing cream, cleans, polishes and protects. Of uses on all metals: silver, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, gold and chrome. Also good for polishing fiberglass, plastics, glazed surfaces, Plexiglas, etc. Do not scratch, does not corrode nor affect, returns the original shine, keeping it in time.

5,26 € VAT included
4,31 € Without VAT

Cream Argentil 150 ml


Size: 150 ml Argentil allows rapid cleaning and polishing of the silver objects, silver plate and gold, acting alone even in chiselling thanks to its autoattivi agents. Argentil is a product 90% biodegradable.

8,13 € VAT included
6,66 € Without VAT

Antirust metalizing Diavolina Plates & Fornelli 50 ml


Firelighter Plates & Fornelli is a paste rust metalizing that renews and protects the treated surfaces. Ideal for the fires of cookers, gas stoves, stove pipes. Works in minutes, also effective on the car body.

3,43 € VAT included
2,81 € Without VAT

Descaler for Coffee 250 ml Nuncas


Format: 250 ml

Descaling liquid for periodic maintenance of coffee and espresso machines.
Delete the limestone that is deposited in the water tank and filters, without affecting the plastic components such as gaskets or pipes.

2,67 € VAT included
2,19 € Without VAT