2 Blades for Joggers 20308 Lenox


Bi-metal blade with "T" connection for LENOX reciprocating saws. Ideal for stainless steel and metal profiles mm. 1.5-5 and non-ferrous materials from mm. 1,5-8

15,38 € VAT included
12,61 € Without VAT

Set 3 Lame Denti Medi mm.65 688.00 PG

PG Professional

3 ALTERNATIVE LAMPS - BLACK & DECKER ATTACK, HAAGER, KRESS, RYOBI, SKIL, STAYER for hard and softwood, plywood and synthetic materials 3 medium teeth blades Length: 65 mm

2,49 € VAT included
2,04 € Without VAT

5pz. Lama B26 mm.71 T227D A-85771 Makita


Format: conf. 5 pieces Bosch equivalent T: T227D Working length: 71 mm Type: B26 N. teeth: 9

5,10 € VAT included
4,18 € Without VAT

5pz. Lama B25 mm.74 T127D A-85765 Makita


Format: conf. 5 pieces Bosch equivalent T: T127D Working length: 74 mm Type: B25 N. teeth: 9

5,81 € VAT included
4,76 € Without VAT

5pz. Lama B17 mm.71 T244D A-85690 Makita


Format: conf. 5 pieces Bosch equivalent T: T244D Working length: 71 mm Type: B17 N. teeth: 6

5,14 € VAT included
4,21 € Without VAT

5pz. Lama B13 mm.79 T111C A-85656 Makita


Format: conf. 5 pieces Bosch equivalent T: T111C Working length: 79 mm Type: B13 No Teeth: 8

3,83 € VAT included
3,14 € Without VAT

5 HSS blades for metal Jigsaw 087,551 Maurer


HSS blade for jigsaws Attack "T Universal". 24 teeth per inch. Suitable for steel and non-ferrous metal materials.

7,17 € VAT included
5,88 € Without VAT

Hacksaw machine 500 mm Bahco 3809-500-50-2.50-6


The bi-metallic Sandflex® blades are virtually unbreakable and suitable for all materials. Thanks to the bi-metallic structure the blade withstands high pressures and allows you to quickly and accurately cut. The Sandflex® blades are safer to use in all conditions, especially on older or non-professional machines.

38,74 € VAT included
31,75 € Without VAT

Set 3 Lame HSS per Ferro 685.00 PG Professional

PG Professional

Blade Material: HSS Working length: 50 mm Connection: Black & Decker teeth Pitch: Medium Suitable for: iron Cod. 685.00

3,50 € VAT included
2,87 € Without VAT

Set 2 Lame Bi-Metal per Legno 20305 Lenox


Blade material: carbon steel Bi-Metal Working length: 80 mm teeth Pitch: off (6TPI) Suitable for: wood Cod. 20305

7,48 € VAT included
6,13 € Without VAT