Laser meter TLM 30 9mt. STHT9-77425 Stanley


Simple to use laser meter ideal for quick measurements for home use. Capacity: from 15 cm to 9 meters Typical accuracy: ± 6.0 mm to 9 meters Functions: distance, continuous measurement Single key for measurement Dimensions: 3.2x6.3x3.1 cm Cod. STHT9-77425

31,79 € VAT included
26,06 € Without VAT

Misuratore Laser TLM 165 Stanley 50mt. STHT1-77139


Screen with 2 measurement lines. historical memory up to 5 measurements. Multifunctional end-piece for precise measurements. adding / subtracting function. Case included. increased operating range of 50 meters. Cod. STHT1-77341

100,65 € VAT included
82,50 € Without VAT

Misuratore Laser TLM 99 30mt. Stanley


Meter easy to use lasers, with measuring range of 30 meters. Fast and precise estimate of the requested material. adding / subtracting function. Ease of use outside. Cod. STHT1-77138

69,78 € VAT included
57,20 € Without VAT

Meter with Laser Blutooth TLM 99SI Stanley STHT1-77361


Using the App STANLEY Floor Plan combined with the meter with Bluetooth® connection allows you to take measurements accurately and display them immediately in the plan, which resizes in relation to the measures taken. Capacity: from 10 cm to 35 meters in rain and dust protection (IP54) Features: continuous measurement, calculation of area, volume and distance, addition and subtraction Batteries included Cod. STHT1-77361

96,23 € VAT included
78,88 € Without VAT