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Adjustable Tripod Stand in Aluminum for Laser Level 1-77-201 Stanley


Adjustable support, aluminum rack tripods, for meters and laser levelers. Adjustable height from 50 to 150 cm. 1/4 "connection. Tiltable adapter, usable for 1/4" connection. Bubble on the base

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50,00 € Without VAT

Plotter and Laser Detector Metals Intellilaser Pro Stanley 0-77-260


the laser beam capacity: 6 meters. Rotating laser head at 180 °. Line detection of well-defined by the laser beam. Detects wood and metal (edges) up to 25 mm and electric cables under tension up to 51 mm. Auto calibration. LCD monitor to show the object's center. sound indicator to indicate the detected edges of the element and the voltage in the electrical cable.

45,36 € VAT included
37,18 € Without VAT

Self-leveling Laser Level 097771 Maurer


Self-leveling laser level with horizontal display and independent vertical. Readability: + - 0.5 mm. Range: 5 meters Complete with tripod and carrying case. Operation with 2 x 1.5 V (AA), not included.

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36,32 € Without VAT

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Laser Level Cross 90 Stanley STHT1-77341


Self-leveling laser level - draws a cross line and a second line at 90º. Soft Button 3 position, with power saving function. visual indicator of manual mode. visual indicator that signals if the instrument is out of level (in self-leveling mode). Grooves for the quick attachment of Quicklink support. 1/4 "- uses 3 AA batteries (included.) Package includes: Quicklink support, batteries, manual. Cod. STHT1-77341

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Detector Digital Metals Wood S300 Fatmax Stanley FMHT0-77407


It detects elements in wood and metal up to 38 mm depth. SCHemo LCD indicator of the center of the object. An audible and visual senses the presence of electricity. Applications: overhead lighting, paneling, installing kitchens, sanitary installation, shelving, cabinets, interior decoration. Cod. FMHT0-77407

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35,75 € Without VAT

Plotter Laser Level and Metal Detector Pro Intellilaser Stanley 0-77-500


Intellilaser Pro projects a laser line vertical, horizontal or directional, and detects elements in wood, metal or energized power lines.
Capacity: 6 meters
Cod. 0-77-500

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49,90 € Without VAT