Loppers 30300 SikuroTech


Upright sawing shears with Teflon blade complete with SikuroTech removable saw blade Cod. 30300

15,76 € VAT included
12,92 € Without VAT

Loppers Pruning shears RC-VM Multi-Star® Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Pruning shears Professional pruning Wolf Garten For branches up to 40 mm in diameter It requires more than 75% less energy thanks to the 4-pulley transmission Adjustable working angle of 180 ° Safe pruning without scale up to the height of 5.50 m with the Vario handle Suitable for Multi-Star® handles.

60,19 € VAT included
49,34 € Without VAT

Professional Lopper By-Pass 85 cm Ausonia


Professional lopper by-pass with special quality steel blade, scissor cut. Equipped with handles in anodized reinforced aluminum tubing to guarantee maximum lightness and strength. Non-slip rubber grip for a firm and secure grip. Length: 85 cm

52,05 € VAT included
42,66 € Without VAT

Trocarami with cutting through cm.80 P19-80-F Bahco


Light, long and durable aluminum handles for easy access to the points involved and for overhead pruning Less effort thanks to the properly balanced design Blade for demanding jobs for an effective cut up to 50 mm (2 ") Rubber pads capable of absorbing shocks for greater comfort and less effort The special locking device with central bolt and spring clip prevents loosening of the blade Length: 800 mm

96,62 € VAT included
79,20 € Without VAT

Knocker Lever with Lever Action P173-SL-85 mm.850 Bahco


Lightweight, long and resistant aluminum handles for easy access to the points involved and for overhead pruning. Simple cut, 50% more powerful thanks to the lever sliding mechanism. Resistant blade coated with anti-friction Xylan® for easier penetration into mature and dry wood. up to 45 mm (1-3 / 4 ") Upper anvil longevity, thanks to the adjustable cam Cutting capacity: 45 mm Weight: 1265 g Length: 850 mm

72,96 € VAT included
59,80 € Without VAT

Bahco Cutting Trimmers P116-SL-40


Comfortable tension-resistant aluminum handles, light but extremely solid Less effort thanks to the well-balanced design Easy cutting of hardwood thanks to the double-cutting blade with Evolving bevel technology Rubber pads able to absorb shocks for greater comfort and less effort The central bolt locking system prevents the blade from loosening Cutting capacity: 35 mm Length: 400 mm Weight: 687 g

50,26 € VAT included
41,20 € Without VAT

Loppers Cut-off feeder P34-37 Bahco


Easier and safer height cut without ladder when used with a telescopic pole. Durable sharpening and clean cut with less friction thanks to the special blade rolling process. Less effort thanks to the triple-pulley mechanism. Can be connected to an adjustable clamp with rods of 25 mm (1 ") * up to 35 mm (1-3 / 8") * Supplied with 5 m rope and handle.

51,00 € VAT included
41,80 € Without VAT

Scissors Troncarami Hooks Steel SikuroTech


Available in 2 sizes. Scissors for branches with cross cutting type, SK5 special steel blades with opaque chrome plating.

27,76 € VAT included
22,75 € Without VAT

SikuroTech Stainless Steel Scissors


Available in 2 sizes, Scissor for curved satin cutting edges. SK5 special steel blades with teflon treatment. Nylon handle with PP handles and demolition pointer. Blade cutting capacity mm. 32. Total length mm. 520.

24,29 € VAT included
19,91 € Without VAT

Troncarami Telescopico a Battente Power Cut RS 900 T Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Telescopic adjustment: 650-900 mm. Four times more powerful thanks to the improvement of cutting technology. Ergonomic handle made of plastic material 2-K with soft-grip. Blades non-stick, anodized Barre. flathead screws. Replaceable parts subject to wear. Transmission of the adjustable blade with precision.

71,72 € VAT included
58,79 € Without VAT