Blue Powder for GOOD LINE Tracers 400 gr 55092 Maurer


Format: 400 gr MAURER blue marking powder for GOOD-LINE line strikers with screw connection High quality powder

4,76 € VAT included
3,90 € Without VAT

Plastic Tracer Kit 15m with Blue Powder Bottle 100gr 54594 Maurer


Kit Maurer composed of a 15 m plotter tracker + 1 100gr powder bottle.

7,42 € VAT included
6,08 € Without VAT

6 Maxi Colored Plasters Lebez


Pack of 6 colored chalk chalks.

2,05 € VAT included
1,68 € Without VAT

Good-Line Striping mt.30 c / dust 055 091 Maurer


Striping "MAURER" GOOD-LINE powder cartridge kit - 30 mt. Specific to trace the foundations - screw connection for dust.

24,52 € VAT included
20,10 € Without VAT

Red Tracing Pencil for Builders Carpenters 086237 Maurer


Red rectangular mason carpenter pencil. Length: 24cm

0,49 € VAT included
0,40 € Without VAT

100 Chalks Bianchi Lebez


Pack of 100 plaster casts ideal to write on the blackboards. Round, dust, made of calcium carbonate, dermatologically tested. Diameter: 9 mm. Dust. White color.

2,96 € VAT included
2,43 € Without VAT

Sprayer for Construction Site 500ml Ampere System

Ampere System

Available in 6 fluorescent colors Size: 500 ml The low cost, simple, effective construction site plotter. Fluorescent spray paint for tracing on masonry, floors, asphalt, cement, wood, etc. High visibility colors, resistant to wear and atmospheric agents. Without CFC, without Lead, without Cadmium. The can is used "upside down" as it is equipped with a special 360 ° valve.

3,89 € VAT included
3,19 € Without VAT

Plotter Powerwinder 30 meters + Powder Blue and Spirit Level Stanley 0-47-465


Kit consists of Stanley plotter Powerwinder + powder blue +-leveling. Plotter made with durable materials, can be used as a plumb line, with transparent tank peri see the amount of dust contained. Mechanism to rewind the cord: 1: 3.5, with metal handle with lock.
Capacity 'tank: 45 g powder
Cod. 0-47-465

10,98 € VAT included
9,00 € Without VAT

Red tracer for dust 225gr. Stanley 1-47-804


Blue powder in 225 gr package. suitable for any plotter lanyard.
Cod. 1-47-804

4,81 € VAT included
3,94 € Without VAT

Powder blue for plotter 115gr. Stanley 1-47-403


Powder blue pack of 115 gr. suitable for any tracker lanyard.
Cod. 1-47-403

2,92 € VAT included
2,39 € Without VAT