Mastic for Grafting and Plant Wounds 500 gr MaXtice Al.Fe


Format: 500 gr. AL.FE mastic can be used on all tree crops to heal all types of grafting and any wounds due to cuts, prunings or atmospheric agents.

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5,45 € Without VAT

Putty for grafts and wounds 500 gr Green Fitobalsam

Mondo Verde

Format: 500 gr. FITOBALSAM is a putty for brushable grafts which, thanks to the association of elastic film-forming resins, vegetable oil, softening, healing and pH regulators, exerts a protective, healing and healing function on plant wounds caused by pruning, grafts or accidental breakage.

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4,39 € Without VAT

Mastic for grafts and wounds gr.500 Arbokol

Format: 500 gr. Mastic for grafts grafts, protects the plants during pruning or wounds, facilitating cicatrization. It does not contain phytotoxic principles.

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4,81 € Without VAT

Silicon paste putty for Fittings gr.500 Facot / Viky Plast

Facot Chemicals

Size: 500 gr / 450 gr ++ One of the two products will be sent based on stock availability. water, air, gas etc. Suitable for: air, drinking water, steam, gas, etc. Antioxidant, anti-gripping, unalterable over time.

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Mastic Marble Straw ml.125 Teknica


Format: 125 ml two-component putty based on polyester resins. It rebuilds and quickly paste coatings in marble and platforms. When dry can be sanded, drilled and painted.

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3,52 € Without VAT

Refractory putty 60 ml Teknica


Sealant for air conditioning, heating and pipes carrying hot fluids. Ideal for permanent sealing of joints and cracks in the fireplaces, furnaces and chimneys, repair tailpipes of cars and engines in general.
Cod. TK13-0131

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2,53 € Without VAT

Mastic adhesive seals 200 ml Arexons


Size: 200 ml

Product based on natural resins, designed to hold in place the preformed seals before assembly. It forms a transparent film with high adhesive strength, ensuring a tight seal even on uneven surfaces. Ideal in fixing the seals of motors, machine tools, hydraulic lines, fuel tanks resistant to oils, gasoline, refrigerants and pressures. Cod. 0019

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9,25 € Without VAT