Plastic Lever Hand Pump for AdBlue Pesticide Hydraulic Oil Detergents 44185 GROZ

Hand lever pump ideal for use with AdBlue®, water-based fluids, detergents, soaps, antifreeze, window washers, hydraulic oils, herbicides and pesticides. These pumps must not be used for fuel transfer or solvent diluents, etc. . The pump outlet is equipped with a vent plug, which can be loosened to interrupt the action of the siphon. The contact parts are in acetal resin, polypropylene, polyethylene and vitron Attention: do not use with fluids that are not compatible with the materials used for the construction of the pump

66,87 € VAT included
54,81 € Without VAT

[PRKGPM] liquid transfer pump for drums crank


Crank pump for drums or barrels. Ideal for transferring all types of liquid fats: low viscosity oil, diesel oil, fuels (excluding gasoline) whose temperature is to infer at 50 ° C. Pump housing w of the crank arm in lacquered alloy. lacquered tube 20 mm chrome steel. into 3 parts tube, total height 1.00 m. Ring stem adapter 2 "with fixing screw.

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22,82 € Without VAT

Rotary pump to refill cm.98 13055 Pressol


(L / r): 0.25 (l / min): aprox. 25 Fluids payable oils up to SAE 90, self-lubricating non-aggressive fluids, fuel oil, diesel, petroleum. Application for transfer in graduated containers, jugs, dispensers and canisters. Adjustable in height thanks to the fixing ring. Crank drive with a light report.

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24,90 € Without VAT

Racking pump fluids Drill 080,171 Maurer


Pump for drill, for liquid transfer. Attack: 6 mm

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4,58 € Without VAT

Racking pump Alternative for 094 067 barrels Maurer


Pump alternative hand racking for drums, suitable for naphtha, oil, kerosene and liquid. Dispensing: 300 ml of Complete metal immersion tube and the rubber tube to the exit

40,03 € VAT included
32,81 € Without VAT

Self-priming pump to refill Super 35L 00085 Ama


Alternatively, self-priming pump 35 L for liquid transfer and fuel. Supplied with suction hose, inlet and spout. Attack: 2 "gas flow rate: 30-35 l / min Cod. 00085

37,97 € VAT included
31,12 € Without VAT

Distributore Gasolio Easy Pump Counter Pro 56Lt/min 11180 Ama


Easy Pump dispenser Counter Pro for the low flash point of transferring fuel, for private use. complete with meters, pump, hose and manual gun. Self-priming rotary vane pump with by-pass valve and built-in filter 230 V / 50 Hz. Maximum capacity: 56 liters. Flowmeter with complete wobbler automatic gun with swivel connector. Partial resettable 3 reading digits and 6 digit totalizer can not be reset. rubber hose connected diam.20 length 4m. Motor with IP55 degree of protection and thermal protection. Frame in oven-painted steel. Cod. 11180

309,27 € VAT included
253,50 € Without VAT

Self-priming Rotary Pump for Travaso 11329 Ama


Manual rotary pump for transferring water, oil, diesel. Connection: 2 "gas Flow rate: 40 Lt / min (100 cycles) Code 11329

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31,24 € Without VAT

Spraying pump Building Volpi 1342


Brass Professional pump, ideal for spraying lime on walls and other water-based products. It can operate at a pressure of 8 bar. Supplied with suction hose and plastic filter. net weight of the pump about 5 kg. Cod. 1342

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78,43 € Without VAT