Sliding tube gr.250 Wavin

Sliding for plastic pipes gr.250 Can be used on wet and plastic surfaces. Suitable for pipes it is water soluble.

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3,53 € Without VAT

Paraffin in Cubetto ml.100

100 ml coconut paraffin.

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1,19 € Without VAT

Grease Flexible gr.125 R331122 Sabart


Format: 125 gr grease flexible Al lithium soap. It maintains unchanged its characteristics even at high temperatures.

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2,03 € Without VAT

Oil Special Technical Sprint Oil 125ml Colourless

Format: 125 ml colorless product from stickiness ideal to avoid lumps of slag, dust, etc. Ideal for weapons, sewing machines and small mechanisms of any type.

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2,04 € Without VAT

Vaseline oil 1000ml 35227


Format: 1000 ml Oil vasalina purpose, indicated especially for lubrication corks and wine storage carboy. Cod. 35227

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Lubrificante Multiuso Sprint Oil 125ml

Format: 125 ml Multipurpose Lubricant with practical oiler. Ideal to lubricate weapons, locks, hinges, mechanisms, from kitchens machines, etc.

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1,55 € Without VAT

Lubricant Oil Agricultural IP Geo Pontiax TG 20 Liters


Format: 20 liters

Multifunction lubricant redrafted to comply with the new requirements of lubrication of the agricultural machinery sector. Formulated specifically for the many and strict requirements of the various organs of tractors, agricultural machinery and construction equipment of the latest generation, operating under severe conditions, such as: power drives, lifting equipment, torque converters, clutches, transmissions, differentials , etc.
The IP Geo Pontiax all'avangurdia TG is a lubricant, formulated with mineral bases origins of paraffin, highly solvent refined and a new additive package to ensure greater ownership EP, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-friction, and adopting a new additive , the coefficient of friction modifier, to enhance the features: "anti-stick & slip" and "antisquawk".

106,75 € VAT included
87,50 € Without VAT

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Lubricant Protectant for Chain Chainsaw Chain Sabart


Available in 3 sizes. Protective oil, lubricating and anti-wear and anti-anchorage of high quality bars and chains of chainsaws. It provides exceptional protection and lubrication and is efficient even at high chain speed and high temperatures typical of ESTIV cut

5,66 €   5,72 € VAT included
4,64 €   4,69 € Without VAT

Grease Bevel Strong 125 gr R331150 Sabart


Format: 125 gr grease molybdenum disulfide suitable for bearings, transmissions omocinetiche, bevel gears. Stable yield and aging. Especially recommended in the assembly and maintenance of the parts subjected to particularly harsh operating conditions such as bearings, gearboxes, bevel gears.

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Lubricant Grommets HELP 4262 1 Liter Arexons


Format: 1 Liter

Special liquid with high lubricity for the laying of electrical cables. The product decreases the friction that normally slows the passage of cables in tubes, reducing the effort needed to dragging wires. The product remains fluid over time protecting the wire coating avoiding aging.
Cod. 4262

3,27 € VAT included
2,68 € Without VAT