Fai by Viro Rettengular Arched Brass Padlock


Available in various sizes Fai By Viro rectangular arched brass security padlock

4,72 € VAT included
3,87 € Without VAT

Heavy-duty Brass Bow Lock KA Maurer


MAURER security lock in heavy brass with normal arch and 2 KA keys

3,44 € VAT included
2,82 € Without VAT

Bow Lock in Brass Mod. EASY Errebi


Available in various sizes. High quality brass padlock with tempered arch. Complete with 2 keys.

1,98 € VAT included
1,62 € Without VAT

YALYTP332 Yale Travel Lock


YALE travel safety lock with zinc body and steel arch (cable). Recommended for bags and suitcases is equipped with device Travel Security Administration (TSA = allows airport security personnel to examine the contents of luggage without forcing the lock) Art.YALYTP332

13,75 € VAT included
11,27 € Without VAT

Rectangular Lock in Brass 30mm Maurer


Rectangular security lock in MAURER brass with a 30 mm long arch.

2,92 € VAT included
2,39 € Without VAT

Rectangular Brass Pad mm.50 KA Yale


KA (Key Alike) Version: All padlocks open with the same key! Width: 50 mm Brass rectangular brass padlock for "YALE" bayonet shutter hinged steel hardened with 2 piston clamping pins - stainless steel springs

13,15 € VAT included
10,78 € Without VAT

Rettang Padlock. For shutter mm.50 094782 Maurer


LUCCHETTO RETTANG.X SERRANDA "MAURER" MM. 50 Rectangular brass padlock for "MAURER" shutter - without spring

5,27 € VAT included
4,32 € Without VAT

Extra Bow Pad mm.40 2240XLS IBFM


Extra long padlock mm.40

3,14 € VAT included
2,57 € Without VAT

Lock Monoblock Steel Special Euromonolith Viro


The special steel block are the children of a new generation of locks, with distinctive elegance that offer maximum strength and safety. The one-piece body, the closing bar and the anti-drill plate of the cylinder were treated with an innovative chemical nickel-plating system, and by the very high corrosion quality standard: the "NIPLOY PROCESS". Dimensions: 87 x 70 x 30 mm Weight: 1 kg

45,42 € VAT included
37,23 € Without VAT

Armored lock Make Viro


Available in 3 sizes. Padlock with steel armor that reinforce the brass body, protecting it from possible attacks with burglary tools and making these padlocks particularly suitable for use with closed shutters and chain.

20,00 € VAT included
16,39 € Without VAT