Scissor Lift BH1S45 Industrial Vehicles and Agricultural Vehicles Bahco


Hydraulic jack designed to lift heavy vehicles and with access from below such as forklifts by means of scissors, or vehicles such as agricultural tractors through the cylindrical part

368,22 € VAT included
301,82 € Without VAT

Hand Pallet Truck Manual Lifter 2,5 t 91962 Ama


Manual transpallet in steel, with 2 rollers for polyurethane fork and steering wheel in rubber.

340,99 € VAT included
279,50 € Without VAT

Universal lift 450 kg FGP454529 Kramp


Maximum capacity: 450 kg Kramp universal lift. Weight 17 kg Mod. FGP454529

127,92 € VAT included
104,85 € Without VAT

Transpallet Birullo Kg.2500 N2/GP Novamach

Manual pallet capacity 2500 kg, fork length 1150 mm, width 540 mm forks. It equipped with double roller polyurethane, elastic rubber wheels, roller invitation on the forks. Yellow color

291,58 € VAT included
239,00 € Without VAT

Bahco Extra Low Lift 2T BH12000


Capacity: 2 tons Easy to use in any position thanks to the extra large round pedal. Rapid lift of the elevator thanks to the double pistons that reduce the pumping by 50%. The pressure relief valve prevents overloading, while the safety lowering valve ensures uniform lowering. The polyurethane-coated steel wheels offer silent and uniform operation. Checking the lowering with the rotating lever.

223,99 € VAT included
183,60 € Without VAT

Birullo lift pallet truck 2,5t Manual Ama 39481


Low lifter with load 2500 kg (2.5 tons) Fork length: 1150 mm. Fork width: 600 mm. Birullo wheels and aluminum. Roll invitation on the forks. Red. Cod. 39481

291,82 € VAT included
239,20 € Without VAT

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Bahco Compact Mobile Lifter BH13000 3 Tons


Max capacity: 3 Tons Wide and rounded pedal for easy access from any position. Double piston to reduce pumping by 50%, with anti-dust protection. Pressure safety control and safety valve for safe lowering. Steel wheels covered with polyurethane, rubber support head Tool tray, for screws, nuts, etc.

224,65 €   226,92 € VAT included
184,14 €   186,00 € Without VAT