Polyurethane Foam Gun CY-005C 098813 Maurer


Polyurethane foam gun mod. CY-005C Body and Adapter with Zinc Alloy. Nickel-plated metal trigger - stainless steel nozzle. Ergonomic rubber grip - universal attachment. certification CE.

11,66 € VAT included
9,56 € Without VAT

Avon gun for 310/400 ml bags Art.9040 / S


Gun Avon - Aluminum tube for 310/400 ml bags. Model with aluminum tube for 310/400 ml bags. Professional model, practical, lightweight and safe. Equipped with antigocciolatura sealant system. Without portabeccuccio and without number 5 spouts. NEW SYSTEM PUSHING WCD (wear compensation mechanism)

28,17 € VAT included
23,09 € Without VAT

Pistola Diyag EUROPURE 3000


Lightweight gun for polyurethane foam. pistol model for all types of screw foam cylinders. Universal adapter PTFE ergonomically positioned. Triple seal in carbographite. single tube. Perfect for DIY.

20,26 € VAT included
16,61 € Without VAT

Professional gun for silicone 084,204 Maurer


Caulking gun with alloy and steel frame. Rotation of the frame body. Feed rack.

12,79 € VAT included
10,48 € Without VAT

Gun Foam Ani A / 218

Professional gun for the application of polyurethane foams. tube length: 300 mm Body Universal tank adapter in nickel plated brass

19,68 € VAT included
16,13 € Without VAT

Gun Polyurethane Foam 092,058 Maurer


for polyurethane foam gun with universal mount, with 2 extensions and 2 plastic dispensers. aluminum body, prolongs nickel iron, metal trigger, threaded ring in aluminum with Teflon coating.

15,48 € VAT included
12,69 € Without VAT

Gun Stem for Silicon Art.3025


stem gun for silicone cartridges. Art. 3025

2,44 € VAT included
2,00 € Without VAT

Gun swivel Silicone Art.3026B


swivel gun for silicone cartridges. Art. 3026B

5,86 € VAT included
4,80 € Without VAT

Pistola Coaxial G380 10065 Eurochimica


Coaxiali suitable for two-component cartridges. manual gun coaxiale, aluminum and steel structure Maximum thrust kg. With a total content of 250 ml. 380/410 mixing ratio 10: 1 Cod. 10065

30,73 € VAT included
25,19 € Without VAT

Pistola Skeleton a Stelo 9055 Eurochimica


Professional pistol, practical, lightweight and safe. And 'suitable for all sealants in cartridge and for chemical fastening. New thrust system WCD and wear compensation mechanism. Equipped with anti-drip of sealant system. Cod. 9055

22,73 € VAT included
18,63 € Without VAT