Service Tray Full Stackable for Food Giganplast

Available in various sizes Full service stackable box for food, pizza dough and bread

7,47 € VAT included
6,12 € Without VAT

Large Plastic Bottle with Plastic Handle Ics


Available in various formats. Wide-mouth plastic (HDPE) high density polyethylene blow-molding pail, with central iron handle for lifting. Suitable for contact with food and easy to handle.

6,00 € VAT included
4,92 € Without VAT

Bottle Bottom Drum Wide Mouth in Plastic with Handle and ICS Tap


Available in various formats. Square drum with wide mouth in white plastic, equipped with handle and tap.

8,52 € VAT included
6,98 € Without VAT

Pan for Fish and Food M48000 ICS


Plastic tray for food suitable for processing meat and fish. Measure: 50x34x12 cm

4,01 € VAT included
3,29 € Without VAT

Closed Plastic Box Lt.50 Red ICS


Capacity: 50 liters Dimensions: 52x42x29 cm

9,22 € VAT included
7,56 € Without VAT

Plastic Belt Basket Art.712


Available in 2 sizes. Plastic basket for bread. White color

12,47 € VAT included
10,22 € Without VAT

Lever Box with Lt.20 ICS M82220R


Capacity: 20 Liters Plastic basket with tap.

11,91 € VAT included
9,76 € Without VAT

Deposit Bottle Stackable 12 Bottles

Stacking containers to hold securely for up to 12 bottles of 1 liter. Product 100% Italian.

7,59 € VAT included
6,22 € Without VAT

Canister with tap Lt.10 ICS M82210R


Capacity: 10 Liters Canister plastic with tap.

7,98 € VAT included
6,54 € Without VAT

Tap 1 "for Mastelloni Ics


Moplen tap for mastelloni. Attack: 1 "

9,48 € VAT included
7,77 € Without VAT