Plastic sheets / Polycarbonate



Transparent Synthetic Glass Plate 500x500mm Maurer


Available in various thicknesses. Smooth, flexible and transparent synthetic glass sheet. Dimensions: 500x500 mm

4,32 € VAT included
3,54 € Without VAT

Protective Screen Transparent Divider Panel 67x75 cm 290505 Polimark


Transparent polystyrene interlocking dividing panel without glue, easy to assemble, self-supporting, easy to install on any type of counter, desk or reception. A 30 × 10 cm hole was created at the base for the passage of documents or small boxes. It is cleaned with virucide without damaging it. No alcohol. An effective protection system that separates from direct contact between people and helps prevent virus infection, it is ideal in environments where you have contact with the public such as shops, pharmacies, banks, offices, etc.

70,76 € VAT included
58,00 € Without VAT

Polimark Transparent Smooth Polycarbonate Sheet


Transparent honeycomb polycarbonate sheet for roofing.

8,49 € VAT included
6,96 € Without VAT

Plate Glass Synthetic Transparent


Available in 4 sizes. transparent smooth synthetic glass and felssibile plate.

5,05 € VAT included
4,14 € Without VAT

Plate Glass Synthetic Transparent 1500x500mm Maurer


Available in 2 sizes. smooth synthetic transparent glass plate. Dimensions: 1500x500 mm

13,02 € VAT included
10,67 € Without VAT

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate sheet Transparent


Available in 2 sizes.

Sheet of transparent polycarbonate roof.

42,15 € VAT included
34,55 € Without VAT

Poliver Polystyrene Transparent Glass Sheet Poliver


Available in 3 sizes. Glass plate made of polystyrene material. You can easily work with common tools, to make decorative balusters for stairs, transparent partitions, door panels and sliding doors Product: Poliver

3,43 € VAT included
2,81 € Without VAT