Mask for Solid and Liquid Aerosol Protection FFP1NR Makrite FP1SLw 10301 Sikurotech


These masks are intended to be used to protect against solid and liquid aerosols in wooden, concrete, glass, textile, mining and construction environments. They have a long life, a soft and comfortable inner surface with an adjustable and fixed nosepiece and straps for a correct fit. They are designed with low breathing resistance for greater working comfort. ALL FFP1 masks must be used in situations up to 4 times the occupational exposure level (OEL). Art. FP1SLw Standard: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 (E)

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Dust-Proof FFP1 NRD Anti-Dust Particle Mask Without Valve

Self-filtering shell mask for FFP1 NRD particles without valve. Includes 2 adjustment straps in elastic fabric, not latex, sewn on the outside of the mask, nasal clip and polyurethane inner lining that provide greater comfort and make adjustment easier. Standard: EN 149 A1 + dolomite test

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Non Woven Fabric Mask Salus 151100 Pack 50 pcs Newtec


White non-woven toilet mask Economic version Pack 50 pcs Code.151100

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Respirator Particulate Partition 9914SP 3M


3M ™ 9914 Particulate Dehumidifier Respirator provides a hygienic, comfortable, effective and lightweight respirator for dust, mist and harmful organic vapors.

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Fabric in Non-Woven Fabric 721 Newtec 151124


Non-woven fabric mask Same features Art. 720 Version with exhalation valve Weight 17 g approx. White color

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Dust Respirator 9914 P1 Activated Carbon Disposable 3M


Special 3M respirators 9914 with an active carbon layer, protect against fine dust concentrations and mists as well as nuisance odors, such as paint vapors in low concentrations or household waste decomposing. Application areas: Construction, Waste Collection, Food, Chemical and Agriculture. Risk factor: Dust protection P1

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Mask in nonwoven fabric 740 Newtec 151131


Mask in nonwoven fabric, with exhalation valve Weight: 14gr Cod..151131

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Particulate Respirator Mask 3M 9310+ Aura


Protection class: FFP1 NR D
Application: agriculture, sanding, paint stripping, cutting and drilling
Risk factor: Dust protection P1

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Particulate Respirator Mask 3M 9312+ Aura


Protection class: FFP1 NR D
Application: agriculture, sanding, paint stripping, cutting and drilling
Risk factor: Dust protection
With valve P1 "Aura"

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Prefilter 400 for Mask 3M 4251


Type of filter: prefilter protection for polveri.
Suitable for all models of mask 3M 4000 series
Cod. 151023

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