Filter EURFILTER A1 Cod. 2001 for Respirator Mask ETNA 2000 Milla

Gas filter with special quick bayonet connection for organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C. The cartridge must be used in pairs on half-mask ETNA Cod. 2000

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8,40 € Without VAT

TPE Half Mask Respirator for 2 ETNA 2000 Mile Filters

Semi-mask of universal size, equipped with two bayonet quick couplings, for 2000 series filters, suitable for protection from both coarse and fine dust, from organic and inorganic gases and vapors, acids and combinations of gas and dust. The particular structure significantly improves the level of robustness, stability and resistance and stands out for its incomparable comfort, lightness and adaptability to any face configuration thanks to the new oronasal profile studied with Cad-Cam technology. The system of 4 straps balances the pressure in the sealing area of the face by eliminating pressure points and ensuring exceptional stability during use. Assembly of the filters is simple and safe with a new bayonet system. Their lateral positioning guarantees excellent visibility and a more homogeneous weight distribution. The headboard with enveloping shape and soft material, adapts perfectly to any type of garment shape. Equipped with a central silicone drain valve and a valve cover shield which also acts as a support with four attachment points for the harness. Equipped with 2 filter connections (filters are not included).

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24,00 € Without VAT

MEDOPAIR II Mask Respirator Filter Art. 7591-A1P2 Lansec Italia

Combined filter with special threaded connection for organic vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C, and for dust and fumes. CLASSIFICATION Cartridge / filter compliant with directive 89/686 / EEC (PPE). Combined class 1 cartridge / filter for the anti-gas part and class P2 for the anti-dust part according to EN141: 2000. Label identification coloring: brown, white.

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4,46 € Without VAT

Hypoallergenic TPE Semi-mask Respirator 2 Filters MEDOPAIR II Lansec Italia

Made of hypoallergenic TPE: very soft and comfortable material. Provides excellent protection, comfort and regulation. It offers resistance to heat and humidity, and is not attacked by ozone. Water repellent and non-toxic. Parabolic DESIGN with 6 panels for less internal condensation. The filters are hooked by bayonet connection: guided connection, quick and easy to open and close. VERSATILITY: Thanks to the low profile, it allows excellent compatibility with the combined use of safety glasses, as well as with the use of other protective devices. One size fits all face shape. COMFORT: Flexible and adjustable for greater comfort during prolonged use. Double head support system to the head and neck, more comfortable. It can be worn around the neck when not in use. Front adjustment of the headband. Greater respiratory comfort thanks to its two filters and its exhalation valve. Quick opening and closing system. ERGONOMICS: Ergonomically designed contact area to ensure excellent adherence to the face, thanks to the adjustment of the chin and the side parts, for an optimal fit to any face shape (round, elongated, small and large). Design studied to cover the greatest possible range of facial features. Equipped with 2 filter connections (filters are not included).

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Filter for Respirator Mask EUROMASK DOS 37400 Art.A1P2 Lansec Italia

A1P2 gas and dust filter Suitable for EUROMASK DOS 37400 mask Standard: EN143 / EN14387

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7,29 € Without VAT

Mask Protective Protective Mask in Washable Fabric 6 Veils with Elastics

Washable protective mask with elastic bands Material: TNT FABRIC 30gr / m2 100% UV stabilized Polypropylene Washable at max 30 ° with sanitizing product (the quantity is not indicated)

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3,37 € Without VAT

Filter for Respirator Mask 6800 Full Face 6059 ABEK1 3M


Filter for organic vapors 6059 ABEK1 for the 6000 and 6500, 1PR / PK series Replacement filters to be used with herbicides or pesticides and cleaning chemicals or solvent-based paints ABEK1 protection from organic vapors, inorganic vapors, acid gases, ammonia and derivatives Use with reusable masks of the 6000, 6500 series

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12,10 € Without VAT

Full Face Mask Respirator with 6800 3M Valve


The 3M ™ 6800 reusable full face mask is equipped with a wide polycarbonate lens and a face made of elastomeric, soft and hypoallergenic material. It protects you from gas, vapors and particulates and has been designed with a bayonet connection system for connection to numerous light double filters, according to your specific needs

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131,60 € Without VAT

Half-face mask EUROMASK DOS 37400 Lansec Italia

Respirator half-mask with exhalation valve, extremely smooth edges and shaped to adhere to the face. Housing for two class 1 filters, effective for protection against organic vapors, acids, inorganic gases and vapors, coarse or fine particles of dust, gas and dust and combined. Equipped with 2 filter connections (the filters are not included).

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21,89 € Without VAT

Dust-Proof FFP1 NRD Anti-Dust Particle Mask Without Valve

Self-filtering shell mask for FFP1 NRD particles without valve. Includes 2 adjustment straps in elastic fabric, not latex, sewn on the outside of the mask, nasal clip and polyurethane inner lining that provide greater comfort and make adjustment easier. Standard: EN 149 A1 + dolomite test

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