Bevel with Turning Blade mm.533 Art.091641 Papillon


Tubular chassis frame with tension lever and swivel bracket. American blade from mm. 533

5,67 € VAT included
4,65 € Without VAT

Segoncino Lama Girevole mm.533 Blumen Art.102G


rotating blade with teeth bunk, sharpened and shaped for an easy and fast cutting. plastic handle. Length: 533 mm

2,85 € VAT included
2,34 € Without VAT

Saws Arc for Gardening mm.530 1-15-379 Stanley


arc saw for gardening, with tubular steel frame. New bow shape, for increased user capacity. Teeth bunk. Length: 530 mm

6,99 € VAT included
5,73 € Without VAT

Seghetto ad Arco RE-VM Multi-Star® Wolf Garten 7233000

Wolf Garten

Hacksaw to 36 cm span, when used with Multi-Star® handles, enables you to easily and quickly saw off the branches are difficult to reach, to a height of 5.50 meters! It can also be used as a hand saw. Special toothed blade swivel 360 °. Suitable for Multi-Star® handles. Cod. 7233000

29,33 € VAT included
24,04 € Without VAT

Mini Headband for Metal 218 Bahco


Mini-bow, with a galvanized steel frame. Supplied with blade 6 "(150 mm), 32 teeth per inch, for metal cutting. In the pack with protective cover. Length: 235 mm Cod. 218

2,61 € VAT included
2,14 € Without VAT

Behind-the-tunnel 502 Bahco


Headband tunnel with tubular steel 12 mm
Depth of cut: 300 mm wood handle
Cod. 502

5,98 € VAT included
4,90 € Without VAT

Hacksaw Bow Metal 319 Bahco


Headband for professional metal with a comfortable grip, grip. Structure in tubular steel with plastic coating.
Bi-metal blade Sandflex® 12 "(300 mm), reliable and unbreakable, 24 teeth per inch, for excellent cutting performance.
Positioning alternative to 55 ° to cut flush.
Cod. 319

20,31 € VAT included
16,65 € Without VAT

Hacksaw Bow Metal 320 Bahco


Hacksaw metal arc particularly suitable for tubes. Blade bi-metal SANDFLEX® from 300 mm to 24 teeth per inch. Blade tension by turning the handle Cod. 320

11,75 € VAT included
9,63 € Without VAT

Mini headband for Metal 208 Bahco


Mini bow handy for working in awkward spots. Supplied with bi-metal blade Sandflex®da 250mm (10 "), reliable and unbreakable, 24 teeth per inch for excellent cutting performance. Made in Europe. Cod. 208

9,70 € VAT included
7,95 € Without VAT

Metal headband 228 Bahco


Mini-bow for metal, with galvanized steel frame. Quick blade tension by turning the handle in beech. Supplied with blade 6 "(150 mm), 32 teeth per inch, for cutting metal. Manufactured in Europe. Cod. 228

7,11 € VAT included
5,83 € Without VAT