Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale Weather Station Page Weather Center 5kg Soehnle


Digital kitchen scale with a 5 kg weighing capacity that displays weight measurements in precise 1 g increments on the large, easy to read screen. A weather station integrated with an external sensor, measures the temperature, the external and internal humidity and also provides a 24-hour weather forecast. The integrated radio-controlled clock shows the time, day and date. A comfortable and precise timer is ideal for boiling or cooking eggs, and an alarm with sound alert function for elaborate dishes, completes the list of functions. All these functions can be operated effortlessly at any time, thanks to the touch sensor controls. The elegant design of the Page Meteo Center balances will adapt to every kitchen, whether placed on a work surface or installed on the wall.

38,17 € VAT included
31,29 € Without VAT

Bathroom Scales 61098 Soehnle


Range 130Kg - 1Kg accuracy Analogue white surface is non-slip and is washable Equipped with a large total view scale with adjustment wheel.

18,87 € VAT included
15,47 € Without VAT

Travel Scales Luggage Weight Kg.50 Art.6611 G & BL


Electronic travel scale to weigh luggage up to 50 kg. Works with 2 AAA batteries.

11,10 € VAT included
9,10 € Without VAT

Rome Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale


High Capacity: 5 Kg Scales: precision at 1 gr Equipped with automatic switch-off and tare function. Large, well-readable LCD display with easy-to-clean surface

18,87 € VAT included
15,47 € Without VAT

Libra Pesabaglagli Digital Travel 50 Soehnle


pesabagagli scale with hook: handy, mobile, universally usable. At home or on the road, to backpacks or luggage - the Travel is always at hand, easy to use and functional. Capacity: 50 kg Division: 100 g material: plastic / stainless steel Dimensions: D 15 L x 3 x 5 cm

19,35 € VAT included
15,86 € Without VAT

Libra 40 kg digital dynamometer Valex 1870009


Max Capacity: 40 Kg
Division: 20 g
Tare function and conversion kg / lb / oz
Automatic shut
Cod. 1870009

10,93 € VAT included
8,96 € Without VAT