Strip Parafreddo with Brush Strip cm.250 Black 1123 Sit


Linear Strip Brush in Polypropylene (PPL) filament smooth black. Applications on industrial doors and windows for air and dust seal. Code 1123

8,78 € VAT included
7,20 € Without VAT

Parafreddo strip with Brush cm.100 White Maurer 052489


Parafreddo for rigid PVC doors, with sealing brush. Length: 1 meter Cod. 052489

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT

Parafreddo Strip Type "E" mt.6 White Art.1000 / 4


Adhesive paraphrase in rubber, type "E" easy to install. Protects from cold, drafts, dust and humidity. White color. Dimensions: mt. 6 x mm. 9 x 4.

1,31 € VAT included
1,07 € Without VAT

Topcoats in Stool

\ Available in 2 models. Plush puffs in cloth, assorted fantasies.

2,00 € VAT included
1,64 € Without VAT

Strip Winterfronts with Feltrino 100 cm Brown

Flexible self-adhesive draft excluder strip PVC with textile pad for doors. Length: 100 cm

0,56 € VAT included
0,46 € Without VAT

Parafreddo Sponge Adhesive Geko


Available in 6 models. Adhesive draft excluder in the expanded sponge, indicated for doors and windows.

0,46 € VAT included
0,38 € Without VAT

Tape Winterfronts Silicone Adhesive for Doors and Windows Mt.6 Maurer


Available in 2 colors. Draught excluding adhesive tape TPE-SEBS universal for all slots from 1 to 7 mm. Insulation against cold and heat - Elastic, waterproof and washable Size: roll mt. 6

4,73 € VAT included
3,88 € Without VAT

Winterfronts tape Rubber Fixtures Mt.6 Maurer


Available in 2 colors. Tape adhesive rubber hood with Profile "E", for doors and windows. Length: 6 meters Dimensions: 9x4 mm

1,54 € VAT included
1,26 € Without VAT

Fibrocer seal semi-elastic for stoves Best Fire

Best Fire

Available in 3 sizes. Garnizione semi-elastic ceramic fiber, for stove. Roll of 2.5 m.

6,32 € VAT included
5,18 € Without VAT

Winterfronts 1m strip with brush Marron Maurer 052490


Hood door in rigid PVC, with brush seal
Length: 1 meter
Cod. 052490

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT