Fatmax self-locking clamps Curves mm.250 FMHT0-74886 Stanley


Hardened vanadium hardened chrome steel jaws for longer durability and less wear on the teeth Optimized jaw design - the shape of the teeth and the jaws designed for maximum grip. TrueLock ™ patented locking mechanism - avoids unwanted disinfection. Greater clamping thanks to the ring adjustment system. Black finish, rust resistant, high performance steel. Cutting capacity 100Kg / mm² (mm): 250.

13,05 € VAT included
10,70 € Without VAT

Adjustable Clamps Self Locking Clasps Concave Art.1052 Beta


Self-locking adjustable clamps with concave jaws. Length: 240 mm Max. Opening: 42 mm Weight: 590 gr

16,85 € VAT included
13,81 € Without VAT

Bahco 2950 Self-Locking Clamps


Finishing: chrome finish for better anti-rust protection Parallel jaws, with removable legs Closer jaws, suitable for areas where C-pliers can not operate Open max. 35 mm Length; 235 mm

18,65 € VAT included
15,29 € Without VAT

Self-locking pliers Multigrip mm.230 089,616 Maurer


multigrip self-locking pliers with jaws nickel fork. Length: 230 mm

8,72 € VAT included
7,15 € Without VAT

Self-locking pliers Adjustable Max Steel Concave Jaws Stanley 0-84-809


Pliers with concave jaws chrome vanadium forged and milled to maximum security. Release lever that is not "pinch" your fingers. Chrome plating corrosion. Rule screw-clamping jaws and the clamping pressure. Cutters. Cod. 0-84-809

11,68 € VAT included
9,57 € Without VAT

Self-locking pliers with nippers 2951 Bahco


Finish: chrome surface for better rust protection Form: curved jaws for general use. The thin shape allows greater accessibility Application: For use in the car, in the garage, the workshop or factory for production or maintenance. Also suitable for hydraulic works and air conditioning. The cutting edges can cut the wires for welding with wire cutters Cod. 2951

17,85 € VAT included
14,63 € Without VAT

Self-locking pliers jaws Curve 2953 Bahco


Finish: chrome surface for better rust protection
Form: slim shape and grand opening for a wide variety of uses
Multipurpose for workshops, garages and maintenance typically
Length: 300mm
Cod. 2953-300

27,11 € VAT included
22,22 € Without VAT

Self-locking pliers for sheet 2967-180 Bahco


Locking pliers, folding, processing and handling of sheet metal Finish: chrome surface for better rust protection Cod. 2967-180

28,69 € VAT included
23,52 € Without VAT