Quick Lawn Seeds Quick Al.Fe


Excellent for renewing and thickening worn and poorly placed lawns; lawn ready in 6 weeks; high installation speed; suitable in any climate and terrain; rapid germination; fast in covering empty spaces.

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8,09 € Without VAT

Universal soil Unicum Garden Lt.45 Al.Fe


Format: 45 Liters UNICUM UNIVERSALE is a substrate of the high quality hobby line, for universal use in gardens and gardens. It can be used in the preparation of seed beds for gardens and gardens, for the maintenance and regeneration of turfgrass and more generally in the management of all green surfaces, presenting excellent qualities also in use in pots and planters. Its properties are due to the particular structure, which derives from the combination of different types of peat (natural), which give it a particular richness of organic substance, with an optimal pH. Its composition is rich in nutritional elements, thanks to the addition of NPK fertilizer, which favors the development and growth of plants. The addition of a particular wetting agent guarantees an excellent water holding capacity (creating a reserve that is always and readily usable), combined with an optimal draining of excess water, always guaranteeing the necessary aeration and considerably reducing the risk of asphyxiation radicals.

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Solevive Soil for Lime Grass Lt.70 Al.Fe


Size: 70 Liters SOLEVIVO ERBOSO TAPPETO is a substrate suitable for the preparation of semicircle bed of grassy carpets, pavingreen and sports fields. Composed of German pouches, siliceous sand of the river Po and an appropriately blended humidified fertilizer, it is characterized by its rich nutritional properties and the right porosity and soothing content, allowing greater seed adherence to the soil itself. The high water absorption capacity gives the product the necessary characteristics for an ideal seed setting. Specific in the establishment, regeneration and maintenance of grass carpets, gardens and sports facilities.

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Seeds for Pretty Shadow Kg.1 Royal Beauty

Packing: 1 Kg New essence formula suitable for lawns, parks and flowerbeds in shaded or exposed areas in the north or in the vicinity of buildings or fences or in areas with high density of shrubs. It has a brilliant green color with a very small size. Thanks to these features, maintenance is very limited.

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SOLE Soil for Plants Acidofile Al.Fe


Available in 2 sizes. The SOIL Acidofile AL.FE is a product created specifically for azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias and ferns. These plants prefer a particularly acid growth substratum and therefore are called acidophilic. Being entirely organic, soft and rich of all the nutrients, it is the ideal support for the growth of such plants. It is recommended to use for potting the TERRICCIO Acidofile AL.FE as such without adding products that can alter its already excellent organoleptic qualities. The composition has been studied to obtain a soil by the acid pH, allowed in organic farming, with high softness and porosity characteristics.

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Seeds for Prato Very Robust Kg.1 LJ 50 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Packaging: 1 kg - 50 sqm - canned. Ideal for lawns under severe stress Lawn density: ca. 80,000 shoots / m² faster germination 30% with KEIM-FIX Long lasting Reduced formation of weeds 40% of material cut less than the economic seeds A denser turf, greener and more wear resistant. It improves root growth and their resistance to drought, moisture and cold. It produces the most healthy and strong plants that require less care.

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12,73 € Without VAT

Seeds for Prato Playing Kg.1 LG 50 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Packaging: 1 kg - 50 sqm - canned. Robust and economical. Usable and walked quickly. Easy to maintain. Rapidly germinating, it is robust and grows on all terrains. High Quality at a promotional price.

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Seeds for Lawn "Tyrrhenian Sea" Continental

Continental Semences

Available in 2 sizes. Very rustic and resistant to water stress. And 'it composed of deep green variety. Suitable for hot and dry climates. Seeding rate: 30-50 g / sq m.

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Sport Turf Seeds Kg. 1

Format: 1 Kg It combines excellent resistance to trampling with frequent cut tolerance.

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Soil for Citrus Solevivo Mediterranean 18 Liters Al.Fe


Size: 18 Liters Ideal for growing citrus plants, such as lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and kumquat, the TERRICCIO MEDITERRANEAN consists of montmorillonite clay, pumice and carefully selected from the best peats that provide excellent structural stability and perfect water retention. The right air content allows you to use it even in medium-sized and large vessels. In the garden it can be used as fertilizer in transplants of citrus plants.

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