Primula 12 Primer Stapler

Romeo Maestri

Solid, manageable, professional, customizable. Points charge indicator. Back loading. Ideal for sewing slightly higher thicknesses, widely used in stores, supermarkets, warehouses, laboratories, florists.

21,64 € VAT included
17,74 € Without VAT

Pinzam Stapler 6 Masters

Romeo Maestri

Office clamp stapler made entirely of high-quality metal-cut components. Modern and appealing design with the painted top and the shiny bottom. The two rounded handles are designed for maximum ease of use and obtain a soft, precise seam with minimal effort. Suitable for all 6 mm pitches.

5,08 € VAT included
4,16 € Without VAT

K1 Classic Classic Classic Pin Clamp 10510628


It cuts up to 50 sheets of paper (80 gr / mq) The world's most popular pincer stapler with classic and attractive design. Adjustable incision for sewing and threading. Traditional rear loading. Available in 2 versions for Rapid points n. 24 or 26, 6 mm to 8 mm.

27,25 € VAT included
22,34 € Without VAT

Cucitrice a Pinza Supreme S51 Rapid


Practice in steel pliers stapler, ergonomically designed, with nickel plating and in assorted colors. Ideal for home and office. Staples up to 15 sheets of paper (80 g / sq m) Loading traditional rear For use with small dots n. 21 Cod. 10538702

12,35 € VAT included
10,12 € Without VAT

Primula stapler 6 Masters

Romeo Maestri

Modern, ergonomic, silent and stitching. Indicator charging points, rear loading. Automatic antinceppo device. Suitable for all step points 6 mm

6,76 € VAT included
5,54 € Without VAT