Detergent Spray Vetri Stufe Fireglass ml.750 Danger


Format: 750 ml Fireglass is the descaling cleaner for thermo-fireplace, glass-ceramic, grill, barbecue, ovens, ollari stones, etc. It perfectly removes deposits and greases, without leaving greasy or residue surfaces. His action is decisive and immediate. It also eliminates the dirt of smog from walls and wall coverings, especially the classic "whiskers" behind the radiators. ml.750

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3,08 € Without VAT

Spray Detergent for Glass Stoves Fireplaces ml.750 094176 Maurer


Format: 750 ml Glass cleaner for stoves and fireplaces. Eliminates the patina of smoke and soot residues from the glass. It does not affect other surfaces. It is applied directly on glass with a cold surface.

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Spray Glass Cleaner 750ml 94546 Maurer


Format: 750 ml Cleans thoroughly any washable surface such as crystals, mirrors and internal glass, laminates and all hard surfaces. Spray detergent based on hydrophilic vegetable solvents, makes everything shiny and shiny, gives an antistatic effect and delays the formation of fogging

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Super Glass Cleaner Spray 500 ml Diavolina


Format: 500 ml cleans the windows of fireplaces and stoves, completely removes tar and soot! Effectively removes all traces of dirt which are deposited on stoves and fireplaces glasses.

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Decarbonising detergent Kaminel for Fireplaces, Stoves and Grills 500ml

Chemical Roadmaster

Format: 500ml Kaminel has created a professional cleaner to wash thoroughly and de-scale carbon residues, such as soot, ash and black smoke that is usually found on pieces of stone, metal and glass that make up the chimneys, the stone barbecue or concrete, stoves and braziers. Kaminel is able to cleanse thoroughly even cooking residues of foods partially carbonized, without affecting the media with which it comes in contact.

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Cleaner Spray twentieth century for glazing Chimneys Stoves and Ovens 1 liter Cera Novecento

Cera Novecento

Size: 1 Liter Specific detergent for cleaning glass of stoves, fireplaces and furnaces. Quickly removes dirt resistant to cleaning agents (soot, resins, grease, etc ...). If used on the windows of ovens or rotisseries, it is recommended that rinsing is not necessary however for stoves and fireplaces. It does not damage the seals. Cod. X731

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