HP110 Bimar Floor Heater


Fan heater with PTC resistance, delivers power based on temp. environment: low temp. = max power, and vice versa. Code HP110

55,97 € VAT included
45,88 € Without VAT

Outdoor Quartz Infrared Stove 500-1000-1500 W 99665 Maurer


SERIFOS Maurer outdoor wall-mounted infrared heater

64,23 € VAT included
52,65 € Without VAT

Oil Cooler 800-2000W 00828 SikuroTech


800-2000W SikuroTech Oil Cooler

41,09 € VAT included
33,68 € Without VAT

Stove Halogen 1200W 220-240V 00821 SikuroTech


Halogen heater 1200W 50Hz SikuroTech

23,07 € VAT included
18,91 € Without VAT

Quartz heater 800W 220-240V 00823 SikuroTech


800W 50Hz SikuroTech quartz heater

9,22 € VAT included
7,56 € Without VAT

Termoventilatore 1000/2000 W 220-240V 00824 SikuroTech


Electric fan heater 1000/2000 W 00824 SikuroTech.

16,59 € VAT included
13,60 € Without VAT

2 Lt Mapa Hot Water Bag


Hot water bottle 2 Liters in natural latex with a one-sided and smooth side surface on the other side.

3,99 € VAT included
3,27 € Without VAT

Quartz Stove S801.EU Bimar


The infrared stove with quartz resistance S801.EU Bimar, small but efficient, is a practical electric stove equipped with 2 quartz resistance and 400 / 800W power adjustment function. Features that allow you to obtain the right combination of desired heat level and optimization of consumption. This infrared stove model is able to heat surfaces up to 8m². The anti-rollback safety switch and the front protection grille make the S801.

11,72 € VAT included
9,61 € Without VAT

Wood Quarzo Stove HR302 Bimar


220-240V ~ 50Hz 1500W. Wall-mounted quartz stove for exterior and interior; Heat is diffused by irradiation in the affected area; 3 500W quartz resistors; Tensile switch with display to select 0/500/1000 / 1500W; Shiny aluminum parabola for greater efficiency; Wall mount with 4 high / low adjustments and complete with fixing kit; Metal body, front in silver color; Protection class IP24 (protected against splashing of water); Suitable for 45m³ environments

26,58 € VAT included
21,79 € Without VAT

PTC HR301 Bimar Carbon Fiber Stove


Heat is diffused by irradiation in the affected area by automatic oscillation. Low intensity carbon fiber resistor .;

34,01 € VAT included
27,88 € Without VAT