Extractor for Morse Beta Cone


Available in various sizes. Extractors for morse cones in hardened and tempered alloy steel, galvanized

10,96 € VAT included
8,98 € Without VAT

Estrattore a 3 Griffe Autoserranti 25÷150 mm 1517/150 Beta


Extractors with three self-closing grippers with simultaneous opening of the grippers. Double acting nut, self-tapping effect. A mm: 25 ÷ 150 L1 mm: 115 L mm: 242 kg: 6000

129,05 € VAT included
105,78 € Without VAT

Extractors at Tre Griffe Autoserranti 1517 Beta


Contemporary opening of the grippers. Autoserrante Effect. Double acting nut. Patent in progress. Contemporary opening of the grippers. Equipped with a pair of pulleys for extraction on cable shafts.

124,60 € VAT included
102,13 € Without VAT

September 5 Extractors Screws Break 1430 / S5 Beta


Series of 5 tapered extractors for screws and right-damaged prisoners. Supplied in a plastic case.

14,02 € VAT included
11,49 € Without VAT

3 Extractors screws Damaged 66037005 Krino


Set of 3 pullers for damaged screws for use with a drill.

7,42 € VAT included
6,08 € Without VAT

Assortment Extractors Tubus 2171 Gr.1-5

Assortment of n. 5 pieces of tapered extractors for broken screws in box in plastic gr.1 5.

12,90 € VAT included
10,57 € Without VAT

Universal Extractor to Two Arms 4543 Bahco


Available in 3 sizes. Finish: Galvanized Material: special steel extractor Handy for light duty as clamps, gears, bearings, pulleys, etc. Cod. 4543

16,78 € VAT included
13,75 € Without VAT

Universal Extractor to Two Arms 4532 Bahco


Available in 5 sizes. Finish: galvanized, tempered induction stem from the models 4532-C, D, E. arms and crosses forged mold, constant mesh parallel. Material: special reversing the arms l'estrattore can serve for internal or external to the large area of ​​the grip hooks is very useful to quickly remove pulleys, gears, bearings, etc. Cod. 4532

57,93 € VAT included
47,48 € Without VAT