Wheelbarrow Motor Pump 100lt 835F Volpi


The wheelbarrow motor pump is ideal for spraying liquids in high pressure, it consists of a painted steel frame with 2 rubber wheels that allow easy movement on the ground, a 100 Lt polyethylene tank, an engine LONCIN LC152F - 4 stroke 2.5 HP petrol engine, a GMB20 diaphragm pump with 20 bar maximum pressure, a metal winder, 30 meters of high pressure hose and a metal lever lance of cm. 60.

681,98 € VAT included
559,00 € Without VAT

Motopompa Autodescante 2.1 HP PA 1050 Efco


Reliable self-priming motor pump ideal for the irrigation of gardens, small crops and for use in construction.

290,76 € VAT included
238,33 € Without VAT

Membrane Electric Pump AR 202 EM Ama


Pump AR202 EM with 1,2HP single-phase electric motor, VRI without pressure gauge.

375,52 € VAT included
307,80 € Without VAT

Scuba Diving Pump PF1010 Makita


Immersion pump for ACQUE SCURE. Lightweight, compact immersion pump. Useful for draining water from pools, pools and water basins. Use only with white and cold water (max. 35 ") Connection hose (1" 1/2 F 24/32), reduction 1 "1/2.

99,55 € VAT included
81,60 € Without VAT

Immersion pump for Dark Waters Makita PF1110


Pumps for DARK WATERS. Submersible water pump stainless steel. Able to drain the septic tanks wastewater settling. Pump for domestic and civil use. Connection pipe 2 "(F 55). Power 1100 Watts. Maximum capacity 250 L / min.

130,65 € VAT included
107,09 € Without VAT

Pumps for liquids 890.00 PG

PG Professional

Universal liquid pump for pipes 1/2 ". Total capacity: 2500 liters / hour. Draught depth: 2.5 m. capacity Height: 10 m. Dry running: 30" Shaft: Ø 8 mm

12,72 € VAT included
10,43 € Without VAT

Pump Plate Fund RG-SP 750 LL Einhell


Immersion flat bottom pump, intended for pumping clean water and slightly dirty device with automatic or manual operation. plastic body. Attached float off.

101,32 € VAT included
83,05 € Without VAT

Submersible Submersible Pump for Dark Water GH-DP 5225 N Niro Einhell


Immersion pump with stainless steel structure, ideal for emptying flooded cellars, tanks, etc. The integrated float switch turns the pump on and off automatically. The high quality of the materials guarantees a long life without maintenance. Power: 520 W

75,58 € VAT included
61,95 € Without VAT

Dark water pump for BG-SP 250 Einhell


to ideal immersion pump to empty flooded basements, reservoirs, etc. The integrated float switch turns on and off the pump automatically. The high quality of the materials ensures a long life without maintenance. The structure of the pump is durable and impact resistant plastic. Power: 250 W

62,01 € VAT included
50,83 € Without VAT

Einhell GH-DP 3730 Submersible Electric Pump for Dark Waters


The waste water pump GC-DP 3730 is a robust, powerful and very reliable aid for emptying drums, swimming pools, wells and much more. With an energy consumption of 370 watts, the pump delivers up to 9,000 liters of contaminated water per hour. With a continuously adjustable float switch, the robust device can be set to continuous operation or to a specific on and off level. The high-quality mechanical seal of the GC-DP 3730 protects the powerful engine and ensures virtually maintenance-free operation. Thanks to its long-lasting housing in impact-resistant plastic, it keeps the pump intact. It allows various types of connections thanks to a universal connection and a 90 ° angle fitting. It is equipped with a carrying handle.

63,96 € VAT included
52,43 € Without VAT