Tool Trolley PRO-STACK ™ Tools FATMAX® TOWER FMST1-80103 Stanley


Trolley tool trolley PRO-STACK ™ FATMAX® TOWER FMST1-80103 Modular hookable and stackable Stanley Equipped with metal hinges and possibility of padlocking

121,15 € VAT included
99,30 € Without VAT

Trolley Trolley Tool Holder Complete Tools 9021FTW520FF1 Irimo By Bahco


Tool trolley complete in steel 9021FTW520FF1 Irimo By Bahco. Equipped with an aluminum handle that allows easy transport and integrated lateral retractable handles that help lift when the load is high. Measures: 520x720x320 mm

274,99 € VAT included
225,40 € Without VAT

Transport Trolley for Suitcases and Briefcases TR00000001 Makita


The Makita TR00000001 transport trolley can be used in many contexts. Light and handy aluminum structure, it has a retractable platform to be planted, taking up very little space. Upper handle coated in anti-slip rubber and two large rear wheels (20 cm) rubberized with well-shaped tread to facilitate transport Indispensable for the Vs. workshop, laboratory, rather than for moving tool cases, packages, suitcases,

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129,00 € Without VAT

Trolley Trolley Tool Holder Stanley Tools 1-95-621


Decomposable metal and polypropylene tool trolley, composed of box, drawer and wide base. Upper box with grooved lid and removable bowl. The cassette can be separated with the push of a button. Drawer with steel guides with ball bearings, for soft sliding and large load capacity. Fixed base with large wheels. Telescopic handle. Base and drawer can be easily opened forming a workstation. Dimensions (cm): 56.8 x 73 x 38.9 Codes 1-95-621

122,38 € VAT included
100,31 € Without VAT

"3 in 1" Stanley Rolling Workshop Tool Carrier 1-79-206


3 in 1 tool trolley made of polypropylene, composed of 3 pieces that can be dismantled and assembled at will. Dimensions: 87x48x35cm Cod. 1-79-206

97,30 € VAT included
79,75 € Without VAT

Hot Door Tools "Contractor" Stanley 1-97-503


Bath door polypropylene tools with removable organizer in the lid, removable tray, V-groove in the cover for the cutting of boards or pipes. closing hinges and handle in metal extractable. Wheels for transportation. Great evidence of the Stanley brand printed in the lid with IML system. Load capacity: 53 liters. Dimensions: 60.3 x 37.5 x 43 cm

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42,19 € Without VAT

Shopping Tool holders 1-95-622 Stanley


Workshop trolley in metal and polypropylene, consisting of box, drawer and base wide. top box with grooved and removable tray cover. Tray with steel rails with ball bearings, for smooth scrolling and large load capacity. fixed base with large wheels. Telescopic handle. Cod. 1-95-622

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130,66 € Without VAT

Shopping Tool holders Stanley 1-70-326 + September 22 pcs Ratchet Screwdriver with Bits 0-63-022 Stanley


Stanley kit consists of two products: trolley decomposable Mobile Workcenter "3 in 1" + 1-70-326 Sept. 22 pcs. Screwdriver ratchet inserts 0-63-022.

47,42 € VAT included
38,87 € Without VAT

Shopping Trolley Bath toolholders 90 Liters Fatmax 1-73-601 Stanley


Capacity: 90 liters Bath tool with excellent maneuverability due to the fund off the ground. Wheels 7 "rubber coated, rear handle metal. Cover with metal inserts and groove" V "for cutting boards, removable tray. Housing vertical removable for hand tools. Internal dimensions: 78,5x51,6x44 cm . Cod. FMST1-73601

109,30 € VAT included
89,59 € Without VAT

Shopping Trolley Tool holders Bath 227 liters 1-93-278 Stanley


Capacity: 227 Liters

Bath Professional Tool holders with large load capacity, designed for use particularly intensive and with handy transport wheels.
Internal dimensions: 77x53x47 cm
External dimensions: 94x58x61
Cod. 1-93-278

157,23 € VAT included
128,88 € Without VAT